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Team Sweet Dew Simmer lineup

Introducing my Line of Oc's in TamarinFrog  the world of BUP, Team Sweet Dew Simmer

From top left to bottom right
Estell aka the Color of Death.
Bottler Type: Water-transparent
Hobbies: water color, bone study, Sugar Horror :colorful looking horror movies:
Reason: loves the bottle worlds from the cheerful colorful skies, the "adorable" insects that reside their

Cal aka TEA-m Leader
Bottler Type: Earth-Perfect Till
Hobbies: Tea, Farming Tea, Making Tea
Reason: getting nectar on the cheap to one day make his own line of Nectar Tea

Chandler aka the Wicked Healer
Bottler Type: Flame-Heal
Hobbies: the Glassmaker Religion, Deep Cleaning, Rom Coms
Reason: part of the religion that believes exploring the bottling worlds will open the pathway back to the Great Glassmaker

Dutch Aka the EX Blue Boy
Bottler Type: Air-Steam
Hobbies: Heavy Weightlifting, Sky diving, Family
Reason: getting back in the game to help pay for his sons foster home

There may or not be more of them later 

While there are no official BUP group has been made, but if there ever is. can someone put me in the know first hand
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Ooh, these are very cool! Great work!

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Neko Emoji-16 (Blush) [V1] Thanks, gotta say this really was the first time in a while I went through with drawing out an OC. Can’t wait to do more