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Grimmsnarl Flower

Well it’s charity time TommyGK the theme was Pollinatormon. So for one of my entrees I picked Grimmsnarl one of my favorite sword and shield Pokémon except this variant has flower arms giving a whole new meaning to the term flower power. I hope this piece will spark a lot of joy for this project and feel free to let me know what you think of it

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Flower power indeed! And I love the dark violet colour too!! :D

Pollinatormon Charity Swarm 185

The poster is now finished and your contribution is now on it! I have also posted this poster on our Instagram too!

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Thanks this was a great exercise and I love the placement you did with my Grimmsnarl it looks like that humming bird Swasbuck is drinking nectar from him

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Wow ! Impressing work for the shadings and lights

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Thanks this was a good excuse to try out new shading techniques