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Alright a few years back I was at a comic convention, Charlet Chung (Voice of DV.A) was doing a live Q&A and I asked a simple question of what her favorite video game was. Next thing I knew she talked about how when she was little, Charlet grew up to how women where mistreated in video games and people being toxic to each other on live play. She then made it one of her goals to help end gamer toxicity and promote feminism on all forms of media. So in honor of women's history month in making sure that Charlet will be recognized among all the other women who want love not hate in the world.

P.S that's me dressing up as Ethan from Rockin Punch Riders it was my first time cosplaying and it felt GOOD  
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I hope she didn't switched to RAGE (although justified) in real life, when answering :P

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i can assure you she had her rage in check. She just had a lot to say so I summa it in a few short panels