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Material study

Cola, Rusted metal, Melting ice, Lava
Old bronze, Pink gem, Raven's wing, Сhafer beetle
Amber, Jade, Polished metal, Planks
Candle (wax), Beer), Сrude (or burnished) iron, Old mossy bark
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omg that's so coooool
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This is awesome!
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You are an inspiration
MrKillme's avatar…
copy of your art is on daily on artstation today
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So damn cool! 
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What's the small one in the third row?
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The star! Red giant :)
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haha love the round beer mug (I mean I'm highly allergic to beer, but! I really love the glass shape =D )
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These are amazing
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The plank one is really cool! :D So are the rest of them!
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if I could Favorite this 20 times, I would. 
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Seeing that beer makes me crave for icecold bottle of Hoegaarden...
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where did you learn how to paint in this style?
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Nowhere. It is not a best technique or style. It just MY style) Paint, and style will come to you.
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oh my goshm this is so beautiful
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