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Balmora. Aerial view

Made in 3ds max, Photoshop.
About 20 models of buildings, 2 trees, 2 emp.parasols, 1 bush, 2 boats, 24 persones, 2 stones, 1 netch, 3 silt striders etc.
Textures for landscape was made from Google map pieces of Australia and Saudi Arabia.
Other textures was taken from different collections or was painted by myself.
All models are mine, except trees and bush (they are from Onyx Tree)
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Or, as I called it for a long time, "Home."
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Выглядит офигительно!
Сначала пытался понять, что за город, не читая названия и описания. Подумал, что Балмора, но помню, что там город по-другому был построен. Это импровизация или карта взята из другой (не III) части TES?
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И скальных наездников не хватает =D
Just curious.
If this was placed into the original game - how much space in the gameworld would it take?
Too much for the computer engines back then, and too much to be passionating during exploration.
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uh.. wow (speechless)
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beautiful art

Hope you like on this artwork
Portman Bubles by rheyankaj
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Amazing map! And great use of the same buildings in a way that doesn't look like just 20 AT ALL. 
Where did you get inspiration for the boulders? I would like to know because I'm quite interested in creating a brush set for boulders like that.

Again, AMAZING Map.
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I love Balmora and this work. <3 Another poit of bridges...?
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This is awesome! Good work :D
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It looks beautiful save for one aspect. Everyone knows birds do not exist in morrowind. Those should be cliffracers.
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Cliff Racers are extinct
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Someone hunted them all to extinction some time after Morrowind.
This is supposed to be Balmora from TES 3 reimaginated, so Cliff Racers are not extinct at this time. Also, Balmora was destroyed during the red year, so there is no more Balmora at the time where Skyrim take place.
And even if the Cliff Racers where all hunt in Vvardenfell, there muss be some in Morrowind, since a potential follower of Skyrim say that she did hunt Cliff Racers.
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Don't remember the game looking this good :heart: amazing work, well done!
This is not how the game look, unfornately, that's Balmora remaginated if it had a realistic size for a city, which it didn't in the game.
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