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Last Sign Of Loyalty

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Published: September 21, 2012
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This picture I drew when I heard this song - [Song] Last Sign of Loyalty - FakePony, Pencil Eraser, BassBrony
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when the megaspells fell scootaloo flew back to rainbow dash's shack to wait for her but she never came
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A StableTech cutie mark? NOOO SCOOTS! I cried durring that scene.
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oh god, the feels
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Oh my ... I had played that song and looked at the picture at the same time and depression started leaking from my computer. Good job.
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Арт офигенный но есть пара минусов.С аптечкой накосячил там одна бабочка, а не три. И ИМХО прикрыть метку надо было.
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alexey29Hobbyist Digital Artist
Та знаю что накосячил.
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Message from Kkat:

:( My heart is breaking. :cry:

This is a beautiful, powerful artwork. Thank you so much! I'm very honored.

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MasdragonflareHobbyist General Artist
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firestars-hunterHobbyist Traditional Artist
for some reason.....

i see this and think.......



colts of war?
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LeafyFoxHobbyist Photographer
I got your back, Scoots! >:)
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SteamenMusicStudent Traditional Artist
But who's got your back?....
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DarthTriforceHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww I feel so sad for scoot...
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anttosikHobbyist Digital Artist
+1 for for mouth gripped gun :)
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T_T i love you scootaloo!!
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ColtizaJayoStudent Artist
So sad! *sob sob* Also, your detail in the background and such is REMARKABLE!
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God this is depressing
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pootiet12345Hobbyist Writer
:iconscootalooplz: :iconsaysplz: idk if this counts as irony, but in the blast everypony who called me a chicken was fried
:iconapplebloomplz: :iconsaysplz: it is ironic... and also fucking stupid... were gonna die too dumbass
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SilentCartoHobbyist Artist
"I'm trying, Rainbow Dash... I'm trying..."
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Just one thing. If this is after the bombs then Scootaloo wouldn't have her Cutie Mark. She was the first Dashite. She even said about how she spent her childhood trying to get her mark and now she doesn't have it. Still nice picture.
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For all we know she did have her cutie mark. She was the first Dashite, but she still had her mark and might not have been branded or maybe she was.
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From Scootaloo's PipBuck in chapter 29

"Irony is that it feels like I spent my whole damned childhood trying to get my cutie mark, and I don't have it anymore."
Then later
"F***ers said the brand is to mark somepony who's been below. Contaminated. Now I know that's horseapples. Told them... heh. Told them I was proud of what Rainbow Dash did. Called myself a Dash-ite. Boy that got their feathers in a bunch."

So she did lose her mark and she was branded.
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I read your post wrong. I thought you were saying she never got her cutie mark.
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That's O.K. we all make mistakes.
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