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Update: Wed 14

Changed some bits, this will be for sale on ThemeForest in about a week.



I'm back! :)

Icons from IconFinder.
I don't know who made the one from the header.. I found it on a website via Google. If you do know, please let me know so I can credit them.
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Very clean. I was going to say very template-y. But you are selling it as a theme so makes sense! Nice work.
abaq's avatar
nice design. i want design for tf :D
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
best of luck on TF ;)
alexdesigns's avatar
Thanks Nigel! Gotta get back to being a little more active. This job that I've got keeps me too busy! :(
alighandour's avatar
Ooh, great stuff! :)
hekvl's avatar
Clean design. Very nice!
kurtss's avatar
this might not work on other images...considering the header image might change from time to time....
edumicro's avatar
The overall feeling and color contrast, structure, is just perfect. However, I have to agree with enzu (badboythemer), it needs some more pixel perfect details, and improved gradients. But as I said: Great work! :)
alexdesigns's avatar
thanks edu! I'll look into it! :)
MadLittleMods's avatar
Very nice and clean design! Great work!
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
Nice colors and muted tones, but graphically , still needs more fine tuning imo ;) eg: certain gradients are banding :(
alexdesigns's avatar
yeah bro.. I'm trying to get back at it, and it's been hard with the new system and everything that I honestly didnt pay that much attention to the details as I did trying to learn the shortcuts and everything! :D I can see the banding issue now that you mentioned it! Any more examples as to what to improve? It's been 9 months!! :) Thanks for the tips.
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