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For me is very difficult to drawing with my limited capabilities that I have and the demanding results that I want in a drawing. An artist who has a very good or extraordinary natural talent and he has well bred his hand over time can easily draw lines with harmonious contours that shape a good and balanced human figure... But someone with limited capacity as a server is very difficult to give a harmonious and balanced contours lines of a human figure and I have to tweak the same line several times to make it look at least bad possible. Definitely we not have the hand of a talented artist like a Norm Breyfogle, a Dave Gibbons, a Alan Davis, a John Byrne, George Perez or with very much delirium a Ross Andru or a Jose Luis Garcia Lopez or minimum a David Mazzucchelli.

Well, our business is to be a amateur writer of a level acceptably good and a character designer also acceptably solid. I think it was in 1999 or 2000 (can not remember) when I was to register the design of the second version of TONAMELT The Dark Protector. I remember the INDAUTOR official who served me told me. "It is a lot like Batman Beyond" WHAT? And I said, "Maybe it's by the black areas of suit and by the peak on the mask and because in the composition of the costume design of all existing superheroes have a logo on the chest, but otherwise I think not." Well, are beautiful the opinions of a neophyte in the design theme of superhero costumes. I present in the register office of INDAUTOR a poster of our character TONAMELT The Dark Protector in several heroic positions to the registration of his graphic design.

I to take the basic idea for all this heroic positions of the comics of Batman, Spider-Man and Daredevil and I draw all this with a version very crappy of Bruce Timm style which was very fashionable in the late 90s. I always had the idea that this poster with several heroic positions with which I to draw TONAMELT The Dark Protector for his design registration, should appear on the inside of the back cover of forums in his first comic published. But this old poster of TONAMELT that show him in various heroic positions beyond look very amateur, looks awful the truth. So I take the decision to retouch all those old heroic positions to present a new version of this same poster that I was doing with the drawings influence of Sal Bucema, Norm Breyfogle and John Romita JR, converted this to my very amateur anatomist style. Also we think that all this drawings can to serve for the printing of decals or even for the advertising images in various consumer products and souvenirs... The business of licenses by outside of the comic sell, that we think can serve to capitalize our publishing house.

TONAMELT (The Ceuallo) The Dark Protector TM & © Amazing Comic Productions.
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