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TONAMELT DP #01 Inside Front Cover.

The final design of the inside cover for the expected comic TONAMELT The Dark Protector # 1 One-Shot: Weapons of War. With its silver platter showing the names of creative team to do it (still in negotiations); The presentation line of the narrator to our avenging watchman; The TONAMELT ode to Mexico City that reflects their mentality and commitment in a thought cloud; the drawing tribute to David Mazzuchelli, the legendary artist of the Year One mini-series that Frank Miller wrote, a work that made into me to be a comic fan in plan more serious and later seeing more great works of the genre made me think: Why not make a Mexican masked superhero in the genre of the vigilantes?; and classical litany of information on the publication magazine that is placed on the bottom... mmm. There are many styles of typography for dialogue balloons, clouds of thoughts and text boxes of narrator in the narrative of comics. But the truth I'd like to design and code the letter of my writing to be the type of font that should be used for lines of my comics.

Very soon, very soon, already they are lining up slowly all the stars to publish this highly anticipated (and delayed) comic in one of our two dates: April 30 or October 30. (But of what year??? lol) The comic has to have a very good level of plot, visual quality and business if we put it in the publishing market of Comic USA as another comic in the Previews catalog of Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc...  and then see if we earn a nomination for Will Eisner Award for Best Comic shortlist for Best One-Shot. A nomination for Will Eisner Award would be very helpful for our mini-series of Dark Protector, help us a lot to win enough prestigeto win licensing agreements publishing for our comic book in other markets publishing superhero comics. These publication contracts with publishing houses in other countries of America, Europe + other distant publishers markets such as Australia and India would be the most important gains for our publications beyond of break even in the publishing market of Mexico and the USA.

TONAMELT The Dark Protector is ™ & © AC Amazing Comic Productions.
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