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Ociel Sanchez and TONAMELT DP face to face 03

Some say that the young and intrepid reporter Ociel Sánchez is really the avenging watchman known as TONAMELT The Dark Protector. Why you do not inquiry reading their stories?

Dicen que el joven e intrépido reportero Ociel Sánchez es en realidad el vigilante justiciero conocido como TONAMELT El Protector Oscuro. ¿Porque no lo averiguas leyendo sus historias?


Looking compositions of drawings made by great artists mythical to draw a series of face to face to showing the designs Ociel Sanchez and TONAMELT Dark Protector drawings in the same composition . Came to mind the powerful drawing style of best superhero artist ( at least the DC superheroes ) of all time , the master José Luis García López ...

Do not step for my mind the idea to copy a silhouette of Batman that the master JL García López has done, besides being technically very difficult to duplicate his drawings. I just wanted a composition where I could to draw Ociel Sanchez and The TONAMELT The Dark Protector in the same scene and I remembered those cool drawings of master José Luis did for the design guide of Batman, especially the faces of Batman and Bruce Wayne with that cynical laughter that only the teacher José Luis can draw. So I put both face to face with that great look and cynical laughter to make the composition of the last face to face of Ociel Sanchez and TONAMELT The Dark Protector .

It's amazing how the race of master JL Garcia Lopez has really been very short, varied and very sporadically drawing the comics of DC, but certainly in the opinion of many people is the best and most influential sketcher of the DC superheros. Mister José Luis born in Spain and to grow in Argentina where he started as a cartoonist, came to the offices of DC Comics in New York City United States in late of 1974 as any artist who will display their drawing tests with the DC superheros asking for work. But before this happened mister José Luis had worked in Argentina for the newspaper El Clarin doing the comic strip of Roland the Raider, with this work I send samples of your cartoon strip  to the little publishing house Charton Comics of the USA where he was given work as a freelance in late 60s (in this time he was very good, but had not yet developed all his amazing drawing style to be the great JL Garcia Lopez) and from his offices in NY they sent him to Argentina the scripts for the comic pages that he had to make. With the years he improved his drawing style making superhero comics to be the great and unique "JOSE LUIS GARCIA LOPEZ " that we all know.

In 1974 the editors of DC Comics to see the quality of drawing in these comics edited by Charton Comics (the little competition), they thought that they had to immediately hire to this guy Argentine José Luis García López . They located his address in Argentina , he was sent an invitation to a job interview , money for airfare and spending per diem and the request to make samples of drawing with sketches and pages of DC superheros : Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, etc.  to take in person this samples to the offices of DC Comics in New York. Legend has it that when the young José Luis of 26 years came to the offices of DC Comics in New York in late 1974 he was received for the chief editor Joe Orlando and the mythical artist of Superman Curt Swan and when they saw their drawing samples of superheros DC your eyes turned round of the good that was their drawings. They not give work like freelance, they offered to him an exclusive contract  (to that never was to draw for the Marvelous Competition), an apartment with rent paid and a drawing table in the offices of DC in New York. Only the best Cartoonists drew exclusive contract on the drawing boards of the offices of DC Comics in NY: Curt Swan , Carmine Infantino , Neil Adams, among others, and now the young of 26 year old newcomer José Luis García López.

The only problem with the drawing of teacher José Luis García López is that he was incredibly slow, as every drawing of a huge artist of who all we hope a high quality of drawing and the chief-editor Joe Orlando (and later the publisher Jenette Kahn ) intelligently was moving to JL García López as sporadic draftsman in several titles of maxi-series of comics from 1975 to 1984. We seen his work in comics like Superman , Batman, Green Lantern, Legion , Teen Titans , Deadman , Jonah Hex , Atari Force , etc... It's a shame that the comics that was drawing Don José Luis in his most prolific period of 1975 to 1984 is so short and varied, he never focused on a title of comic book for his decision to draw of casual and varied way. The masterpiece of legendary drawing of Mr. JL was the second crossover between characters Marvel and DC, after of success that was the crossover between Superman vs . The Amazing Spider -Man from 1976 written by Jerry Conway, drawn by Ross Andru and inking by Dick Giordano. The chief-editors not authorized other crossover until 1981 and this occasion the assigned characters was Batman vs.The Incredible Hulk, written by Len Wein, drawn by José Luis García López and inked by Dick Giordano and in this opportunity mister José Luis not to make a work less that the work that Ross Andru did 5 years back. Wooouuu , Ross Andru & JL Garcia Lopez leave the stick very high for the crossovers between Marvel and DC. ( Too bad that the stick has fallen sharply since then, with the exception of George Perez )

The editors and businessmen who handle the marketing of DC Comics realized that the drawings of mister JL García López was so good that he was commissioned to draw better guide the main DC Comics superheroes for two reasons. The first reason was that the animation studio Hanna- Barbera wanted to do more animations of the Super Friends ( the animated version of the Justice League DC) . The first season of Super Friends animations was made ​​in 1975 with the style guide of cartoonist Alex Toth who had worked since the 60s with the Hanna- Barbera studio making the style guide of several of its characters and animations from 60s. But for early 80s the Hanna- Barbera studio needed a new style guide for the design of the new animation Super Friends Guardians of Galaxy and the style guide was to follow the style drawing of master José Luis García López . The second reason was that DC Comics wanted to make a line of action figures based on the animation of the Super Friends Guardians of Galaxy along with souvenirs and merchandising of consumer goods from the licenses of T-shirts emblazoned like all kinds of products with images of superheros DC . From early 80 mister Jose Luis is the exclusive artist for all the merchandising of DC Comics.

The exclusive artistic contract of DC Comics on your merchandise that gave at master JL García López eventually did him much harm to his career as cartoonist because he became more an advertising illustrator and artist of comic book covers and his work as an cartoonist of pages for comic books became more and more sporadic and his narrative of panels (storyteller) in your pages was losing power. But his drawing style influenced much in the styles of many artists in DC Comics from the 80s as George Perez, John Byrne, Jackson Guice, Dan Jurgens, Norm Breyfogle, among others (also in the sketchers of the Marvellous Competition)... The people think that the master JL Garcia Lopez based his design guide of Superman  in the physicist of actor Christopher Reeve , but in fact it was the opposite. The producers of Warner Brothers and the director Richard Donner looking in their casting one actor that had the physical of Superman from comics, the Superman with the appearance that JL García López had designed in his style guide.

Like a final anecdote of master Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, in the 80s Jean Giraud Moebius went to the offices of DC Comics in NY for a job interview, Moebius not long time worked with Marvel Comics and DC Comics now wanted to do something with him... Moebius inter to publisher's office to talk business and on the wall there was a framed drawing of JL and Moebius stood from his chair to see this drawing more close and said: "this was drawn by Garcia Lopez." "Yeah, it's him." "You not know if him used models in his drawings?" "I think not, this drawing he did in his table.." and Moebius said: "Son of bitch." If Moebius say this of your drawing was a compliment.

One day I to ask him the master José Luis García López to do a sketch with the design of TONAMELT The Dark Protector & Ociel Sánchez (like a long list of legendary artists).


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