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[PK] Hazel
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Nature: Gentle
Ability: Insomnia
Move Set:
Sleep talk
Echoed voice
Air slash
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Name: Hazel
Gender: Female
Birthday: 3/17
Age: 13
Height: 1'41
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Relationship Status: Single
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Bisexual
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Kingdom: Diamond
Current Residence: Maucatis
Occupation: Jobless
Card Rank: 2
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Hazel has a lot of energy! Specially when it comes to getting what she wants and meeting new people around. She always runs around in circles when it comes to wishes coming true or going outside. Which cause her to have problems falling asleep.... And usually stays awake to 2AM. Which she tries to go to sleep early but it never works.. And she's never allowed to go on any sleepovers or horrors because she ends up staying awake the whole night.
She can be very clumsy and make things messy. She tripped on the trashcan, stub her toe on the bed/couch/table, she hit onto the exit door forgetting it was closed and bumps into people around her when she looks away. She can't help it- She's never keeping her eyes on what she's doing even when she's wearing glasses!!
She likes to play childish games, still liking her toys since she were a baby and because of her age she's still being childish. Still needing bed time story's because he trouble sleeping on nights. She's still sensitive and easily tears up when it comes to other things she hates, example talking about her dead parents, judging her looks, her childish act and more other things. She still runs around like a lttle kid refusing to go to bed... 
Past is a past, that's what she always thinks and forgives everyone's mistakes. She never says it's too late for forgivness and there's always another chance to fix their own mistakes. She never forgave herself before but her parents teached her to forgive themselves or it will be much harder for her to trust herself as the person she is and to stay as the forgiving child when they fix their mistake.
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Her parents were a lovely family to her like angels in her eyes and always loved them of how much they're helping her when she's having a bad day/night. They never wished for a better daughter like her that always makes them smile of how positive she is in life and innocent little thing. Her mother were a farmer that took care of her own plants and her father were a knight to protect the people around that gets in trouble as thiefs. They protect her with everything they have but ever since that, they got murdered by a group of criminals on night and her parents didn't get a chance to save themselves but their daughter. She visits their grave every day with her aunt and never misses one day because of how much she loved them. Always bringing flowers or food for the grave her aunt bakes and brought for her. They caught the criminals in the end with help by other knights but that didn't make her happy since that won't bring her parents back to life. After they had to move she stopped visiting and never wanted to talked about them anymore because of how upset she's getting when she's being reminded about them.
Dot Divider #2 Pink [F2U] 
Flexible body
Always forgets about closed or opened doors no matter how many times she tries to remember
Compliments a lot, small or big she enjoys making people smile

RP Methods: Discord
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