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With Your Eyes

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"If only you could see what I see, with your eyes."

- Roy Batty

This is Mr. Johnson from District 9. Anyone like this movie?

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This is breathtaking. Very well done!
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you work is always just so...AWESOME.
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Haha! Love those dirty prawns!!!
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A fantastic Movie, really pushing a new age in SciFi I loved it. Saw it 3 times :D
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I really enjoyed this movie. The only thing was, after leaving the theater, I felt like there had been some moral I had missed. My friends had to explain it to me. Afterwards, I was like "Oh."
Like in the Novel "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien. That's a great book about Nam...and war and violence in general.
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Heck yes I loved this movie!!
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That movie was AH-MAZING!!!!
It blew my mind!!!
My eyes started to tear up when he was talking to his wife on the cell phone....
The kid alien was adorable.
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brilliant pic. nicely done. the emotion in his expression is stil there. i love this style of yours btw. i have addicted, as a verb yes, a few of my friends as well.

brilliant movie. felt kinda odd to hear people swearing in afrikaans (i live in south africa) in an "american" movie :) there are a few scenes in the movie still stuck in my head - two weeks later. and a few things i still sometimes ponder about. both signs of a provocative and good film. for someone who says everything i want to say and better: google "The Escapist Magazine" and find their district 9 review.

good work. keep it up alex.
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WOOOW! simply amazing...
the movie was just fucking awesome and the painting is astonishing man.
keep up the good work ^^
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This is just fantastic.
Very very well done! :)
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I know this movie didn't cost much movie-wise, but I wish it would've made even more moeny than it did, so maybe Hollywood woudl see that they don't need milk seuqls, remakes and adaptatiosn that consist mostly of explosions, obvious CGI and pretty actors.

When's the last time we had a nice, good, original sci-fi movie like D9? Since Spider-man it's all been adaptations. Sigh...
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Ah, it did fine for money. The Fountain (arguably sci-fi) and Children of Men rocked ass. I love those movies and they were relatively recent. Also, Moon.
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omfg, this movie was amazing, !!!
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wow this is the second fanart i've seen of this today. is the movie any good?>
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LOVED this movie and this pieces, excellent work! you should a do a sequel with a shot of his son ;)
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Yes! District 9! =D
Fantastic movie. :+fav:
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um yes, yes i did
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Excellent movie!
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i can't wait to 13th september to see it!
peter jackson, this humour something like "bad taste"?
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No, there is some humor but it's mostly a drama/sci-fi deal
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yes loved the movie.
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