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Lovers, liars, thieves
All nothing to me

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good one who NOT shows sexual parts of women and although shows the issue. thank you . most show girls as sexobjects that's so disgusting and respectless.
girls are only a piece of flesh today. reduced to body always and sold for money...
treated like a thing. but some of them do it by choice, unfortunately they sell theirself for sex like a thing =(  BUT - NO ONE SHOULD SUPPORT THIS DISCRIMINATING VIEW OF WOMEN. FIGHT AGAINST SEXISM PLEASE PEOPLE. show respect. a woman is not a sexobject.!

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I truly loved your style of art. It's very nice. This artwork says everything very loud and clear that you want to express. It's awesome! I appreciate you a lot for that! I have even this one on my blog at this [link]

Hope you'd like it!
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Great great great !!!!
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this speaks so loudly to me and cant even hear myself think enough to comment properly
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this is beautiful, i love how you tell more about the picture with the title..
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cool messy art. that cha produce ! rock on !
makes me think of the cover of around the fur.
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great print for a t-shirt or hoodie
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You make drawing hands seem so easy. XD Love of money corrupts people. OTL
NICE!! Bookends, Very cool
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I love this effect man.
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fucking sick!
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