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I won't fly around your fire anymore

Left behind
So many times before

I don't fly around your fire anymore

THANKS TO *j3concepts. DOWNLOAD FOR 1920x1440.
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Keep up with you awesome works! I just love them

(there's no thanks to Audioslave? haha)
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I love the overall texture and wispiness of this.
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чудесно *-----*
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Excellent work.
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splendid! very instigating
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This is ultra-mega-wow! *O*
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this . is . just . too . gud . for words OMG !!!!
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no words to justify how truly amazing this is
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Audioslave - moth. Btw you are awesome, have faved a hell alot of your art becuase of the style of how it is done but mostly your ideas and thoughts behind them. So much strenght in them. So much truth.
Seriously you should be on tv or something for your art. You deserve more recongnision.
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This is just awesome.
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Textures, not stocks, pardon.
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Awesome job, simply great. Is it made on canvas/paper or with computer?
Could U please show me the stocks Uve used on it?
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Love the connection of all the faces.
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Very nice picture.
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i love all of your work and aspire to produce work like yours. If you don't mind me asking do you mind telling me how you produce each piece of work, is it purely computer based applications and photography and images or do you incorporate other mediums? cheers and amazing work!!
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