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July 2008

Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth
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Nice, do you have the wallpaper link?
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great wall-e! XD
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probably one of the best screenshot i've ever seen! =P
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Never mind, I've found it. Now, could you tell me what font you've used for the Adium contact list? Thanks.
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He, thanks! Oh, and I have another question that I just remember; did u use some kind of action for the wallpaper? I mean, to make it look like it is now, 'cause the original pic it's colored. Thanks.
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That it makes it black and white! =X

PS: Do you know where I can find the original, colored version?
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Just google Wall-E and select large images
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Do you remember what Adium skin were you using? And what font style? (Adium List)
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link for wallpaper?
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nice! what chat program is that there in your dock?
Great desktop, great wallpaper from a great movie. I really appreciate all the work you do, browsed your gallery, you're a great.
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what expressions man!!!!!
omg, where can i get the wallpaper!?

btw: i really like your work, alex, especially the tool-inspired stuff. greetz
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The wallpaper is a bit of my own working, obviously not uploaded here to avoid copyright issues. You can grab it from imageshack here: [link]
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vhm-alex I saw that you know the copyrights laws better than me can you please send me a note if you have 2 minutes that I can read all the laws of copyrights.

I am sure you can put the ''Wally'' print on your gallery because if you put it on the web then you can put it on your gallery. It is the same thing... for example there is millions of people using superheros in their galleries or even manga drawings... another example ... the work I reproduce and add things I put it on my gallery and do not sell at all, the product... and the work I reproduce I usually pay for the rights to use it... I even send letters to the creators themselves before doing reproduction...Reproduction for a portfolio is acceptable I guess .... Doing it for money is illegal! I dont reinvent the wheel here...

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I didn't create this, I can't sell it. It's that simple.
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thank u VERY much.

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nice one.... looks cool
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