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Bronze Octopus Side

This is the finished bronze octopus, modeled off the blue ring
octopus, my friend (Isaac Krauss) and I worked on. He came up with the concept and sculpted the body of the octopus and I came in to help with the wax work and welding. The glass tabletop sits level on top of the legs. Welding the legs to hold the glass tabletop was a very rewarding and challenging process. I've certainly improved my TIG welding skills a lot because of my work on this octopus. An interesting thing about this sculpture is that the eyes are hand blown glass. In all the table weighs about 500 lbs which means we have put about $5,000 into building it. We estimate that we put around 1500 man hours into this project. If you are curious the table is still for sale.

If you have an questions about buying the octopus table or requests for photo use please contact Isaac Here:

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:clap: absolute great work
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Thank you!  I am glad you like it.
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holy shit O.O that's amazing i'm only a beginner of welding XD but anyways awesome job dude it looks like a perfect decoration table for a hotel like atlantis XP
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it. What sort of welding are you working on right now?
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oxy acetylene i will learn mig soon
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Well best of luck with that! I certainly enjoy some MIG now and again at work
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thank you ^_^ okay
how tall is it? i love it. its beautiful art work im interested.
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The table top is approximately 3ft off the ground. I'm pleased you like it!
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amazin !! i would have loced to work on that myself
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Thanks Im glad you like it
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I WANT this :love:
Excellent work!
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WOW!!!!!!!! I LIKE IT.....
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crazy work!! i've seen all the photos you posted of the progress. really interesting.
i would love to have this table in my house.. jaja
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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the process photos. Its lucky we remember to take just a few pictures along the way.
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I sooo wish I could buy it

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Thank you! We are very proud of it!
Great job on this, the detailing is pretty fantastic, and I adore the man hours put into it, as well as the effort that was contributed.
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Thank you! We certainly feel like it was worth the time and effort so I am glad you think so too.
I apologize if it may have been stated in the other comments, but how much would a table like this cost to any average Joe?
Oh my goodness, if I had any money to my name i'd grab that table right up. I unfortunately am a starving artist; i won't be able to buy a piece like this for years :x I do however really love it, and again, great job
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