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January 14, 2011
Bronze Octopus by ~ThisIsFake1234 A stunning sculptural work, this octopus looks not to be trusted with anything set on top of this table! A delightfully surreal creation!
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Bronze Octopus

This is the finished bronze octopus, modeled off the blue ring octopus, my friend (Isaac Krauss) and I worked on. He came up with the concept and sculpted the body of the octopus and I came in to help with the wax work and welding. The glass tabletop sits loose on top of the legs. Welding the legs to hold the glass tabletop level was a very rewarding and challenging process. I've certainly improved my TIG welding skills a lot because of my work on this octopus. An interesting thing about this sculpture is that the eyes are hand blown glass. In all the table weighs about 500 lbs which means we have put about $5,000 into building it. We estimate that we put around 1500 man hours into this project. If you are curious the table is sold.
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Oh Yea! I am an artist/sculptor in wood and your octopus table is awesome!
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Thanks!  I am glad you like our work
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that's impressive man
huge work, congrats
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my compliments to you and Isaac...this is a remarkably creative piece and so beautifully rendered...worth every minute of the 1500 hours

kudos to you both!
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Thank you!  We certainly appreciate the kind words.
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most welcome :)

keep creating!
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This is truly a work of art.
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Thank you! What a nice thing to say
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this is just awesome 
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Your table is amazing. What's the process for making something like this? Do you start with a scale model, or make a full-sized cast or what? I'm clueless about working with metal.
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I'm very pleased you like it!   If you would like to see how my friend and I made the table you can have a look at these process photos we took while working on it:

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This is really cool!  Where is the table now I wonder...
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Thanks I'm glad you like it!  I believe the table is currently in LA with my friend I worked on it with
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How large is the table top?
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Its about a 36 inch diameter 
Please tell me there's some way to put this on layaway. D:
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I'm glad you like it :)   Sadly we don't have a layaway program though ;)
Ohh... sad day. Lol. Cuz, I'm sure it's probably like, 50K, which is like, how much I make in a year. LOL

But, yes, brilliant work you guys. Absolutely beautiful.
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