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Olympus Camera

don't you just love old cameras :)
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I loved Olympus SLRs. Even though my OM-1N died, I still have the 50mm lens.
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ooh cool :) what are you going to do with the lens? buy a new camera or sell the lens?
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I could get an adapter to use it on my Olympus E-1 but I think it's not worth it. The Zuiko optics were great but they've been surpassed by the Zuiko Digital optics from my latest lenses. Getting an OM-4Ti body is reasonable now, but searching for compatible batteries would be a pain and film scratches too easily. I even have an Olympus IS-20DLX film camera (with film in it) and I'm not sure where it is. It has an integrated lens (IS = Integrated System, I believe) so I can't use the lens on it, either.
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(: Featured in my journal: [link]
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I agree with BetweenTruthAndLies !:)
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thanks, glad you agree :)
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That's a beautiful camera! I love the look of old film SLRs, but I use a DSLR since it's more convenient...
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I used canon 500d to take the photograph so , me too ;)
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wooah , beautiful !! <3
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