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FINALLY !!! Wow, I have been waiting to share this wonderful news.

One again. I have been lucky enough to make it through. My submitted art was chosen by the judges from Disney and to become a licensed Star Wars Art piece for sale exclusively at Star Wars Celebration.

Last year I made it into the London show and I was very excited to do so. This year, the excitement is way higher. The competition was higher than ever. With it being a local show, many artist who did not apply for the European show definitely tried this time around. I feel like I'm on cloud 9 and shocked at the same time when I see some of the people that didn't make it in. At the same time it is the best compliment I have ever received.

You'll have to wait a bit longer to see my piece. They haven't shown those yet officially. 

Check out the show info !!!  If you like Star Wars, this is where it all happens first.

And for a list of the amazing talent I get to stand next to check out this link…
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I can't help but wanting to chat about this movie. 

Star Wars - Rogue One for the Win
*No Spoilers*

It goes without saying that I am bias and love Star Wars. Heck, being an official LFL and Disney artist for this property also helps keep me involved and therefore interested.

I watched the movie this weekend and I have to say, I loved it. I am not certain if it is nostalgia and love for the series in general that made me love this in the first place and blinded me when watching it, but I think the characters were awesome. To me the most important part of a movie regardless of visuals and subject is the connection we have with the Characters. Basically, if I don't care for them then the movie will fall short as I will be uninterested in their success and fate (Insert will smith deadshot here).

I am not writing a review or spoiler here, I just want to share that I think they did an amazing job getting us to fall in love with the individual characters to the point where I cared about each of their choices and was tormented by the decisions or actions good or bad. The movie plays out a bit slower than usual (judging by my 4 year old's attention span) but in this case I think it was an incredible build up for the amazing amounts of action. The wait pays off and you walk away in awww even though you pretty mush know the story.

That's the catch isn't it? Prequels are usually destined to fail. In my opinion, it's usually because although we have a pre-existing connection to our characters we are never concerned or surprised by their choices. (ex. I was never worried for Obi-Wan as I knew his fate already). In this movie, we can say that we sort of know their fates but it didn't suffer the prequel curse since it connected us to a missing piece of the puzzle with all new characters whose paths were not familiar to us. This makes the movie exciting as we see each story develop and evolve.

Honestly this movie was very well thought out.

I Loved it !
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Wow, so I went on Facebook this morning to find that Deviant Art had shared my Star Wars Celebration Poster information. !!!

I LOVE THIS PLACE. Deviant Art has not only provided me with a easy to manage art portfolio, global exposure of my art as well as exposed me to many other amazing artists around the world. It has also supported and made my convention experience at San Diego Comic Con way better by treating us artists amazingly. It has given me some awesome friends and now it is even helping me promote one of my largest Professional Accomplishments with the world.

I cannot express how amazing The Deviant Art peeps have been to me and how that feels. But I do know that this place is home.

So,  Getting back to the print. 

THEY ARE NOW ON SALE !!! For Pre-Order…

Rebels - Star Wars Celebration Europe Art by AlexBuechel  Star Wars Celebration Print w Deviant Art Back-up! by AlexBuechel
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Hey Everyone,

It's finally official. After months of waiting and sending it pieces for my art the Officially Licensed Star Wars Rebels painting I did for this years (2016) Star Wars Celebration Europe has been posted on

I can finally upload the image here and show it to everyone. I finished this piece back in November so it has been the hardest secret to keep.

For those not familiar there is a small select group of artist from around the world invited to participate in the art show at Star Wars Celebration each year. We create a Licensed Lucasfilm.Ltd, Disney & Acme Archives official print for sell exclusively at the show. These limited edition pieces are always great collectors items.

So without further delay. Visit the site and here is my image.…

Rebels - Star Wars Celebration Europe Art by AlexBuechel
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Motor City Comic Con, WoW, yeah so this Convention sneaked "snuck" (word?) up on me really fast. I could have sworn I had plenty of time to finish some drawings and get them printed and now only 3 days away I guess I can't haha.

This year, for the 9th year in a row, I will be attending Motor City Comic Con in Novi (Close to Detroit) Michigan. As my home town, honestly it would be stupid not to. It's one of the most inexpensive shows for me with the highest income. This year however, I had to spend more than ever before but praying it pays off as it has in the past.

Anyway, keeping this one short !  If you are in Michigan / Detroit this weekend this is the place to be !
The guest list is better than ever before and I for one am super excited for a bunch of them.

Stop by and say hello!
Bring a coke and get a high five!  hahaha

Alex Buechel
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