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I can't help but wanting to chat about this movie. 

Star Wars - Rogue One for the Win
*No Spoilers*

It goes without saying that I am bias and love Star Wars. Heck, being an official LFL and Disney artist for this property also helps keep me involved and therefore interested.

I watched the movie this weekend and I have to say, I loved it. I am not certain if it is nostalgia and love for the series in general that made me love this in the first place and blinded me when watching it, but I think the characters were awesome. To me the most important part of a movie regardless of visuals and subject is the connection we have with the Characters. Basically, if I don't care for them then the movie will fall short as I will be uninterested in their success and fate (Insert will smith deadshot here).

I am not writing a review or spoiler here, I just want to share that I think they did an amazing job getting us to fall in love with the individual characters to the point where I cared about each of their choices and was tormented by the decisions or actions good or bad. The movie plays out a bit slower than usual (judging by my 4 year old's attention span) but in this case I think it was an incredible build up for the amazing amounts of action. The wait pays off and you walk away in awww even though you pretty mush know the story.

That's the catch isn't it? Prequels are usually destined to fail. In my opinion, it's usually because although we have a pre-existing connection to our characters we are never concerned or surprised by their choices. (ex. I was never worried for Obi-Wan as I knew his fate already). In this movie, we can say that we sort of know their fates but it didn't suffer the prequel curse since it connected us to a missing piece of the puzzle with all new characters whose paths were not familiar to us. This makes the movie exciting as we see each story develop and evolve.

Honestly this movie was very well thought out.

I Loved it !
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I have to agree that the new movies really do not fail to exceed impressions with thier darker and more realistic approach.

Another thing that I really liked alot a was it gave us a break from the skywalkers, jedi, and the cast from the episodes. Like Rebels, it helps expand the universe and makes it feel realistic with everyone else having their own circle of allies and stories.