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Virani v. Maeki 6



The third round was a lot of fun, as both Maeki and I really went for it. We got into a couple of wild exchanges, one of which ended with me taking a big right hook right on the side of my head. The next two exchanges we had ended with me on the better end, including one where I landed a really nice, instinctive overhand right as I moved out of the way of Maeki's punch. For the first time I really heard the crowd as they went 'oooo' the kind of sound that a crowd makes when a big punch lands.

I couldn't really figure out if I had actually hurt my opponent, but my Chinese opponent definitely went less aggressive, so I started stalking her, and looked for an opening. My patience paid off as she fired off a wild right hand and I slipped it and landed one of my own...

For the full story, please read it here -> My Story - Part One - White Collar BoxingThere are times in your life where things just kind of...stop and you think to the hell did I get here? That's exactly what I'm experiencing right now.
I look up and around at my surroundings. I'm in a boxing ring, and the crowd is about half full, though it's filling up as we go. My coach is behind me, gently kneading my shoulders. My opponent is making her way to the centre of the ring as the blue shirted referee calls us to the meet in the middle of the ring.   
How did I ever get here?
I'm about to participate in my first professional boxing match...and its still hard for me to believe that I'm doing this. Maybe to make sense of this, I should go back to the beginning. Maybe someone else can make sense of my life. Me…I’m not sure that I can anymore.
My name is Virani Macvicar. Strange name right? Well, th

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