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Virani v. Maeki 2



At the bell, I met Maeki in the middle of the ring, and she snapped a jab into my face, I hadn’t really gotten in to fight mode, but getting hit square in the face shocked my body into accepting that yes, I was fighting and I needed to start fighting well. They say that you only maintain about 50% of what you learned from sparring in your fight – the adrenaline just sort of overwhelms your brain, and things that you learned like keeping your hands up and throwing straight punches just kind of fall by the wayside. I can confirm that this is true.

The round went by so quickly, it was so chaotic, I hit and got hit, and by the time I felt like I was actually getting used to the rhythm of the fight, I heard the clappers indicating that there was ten seconds to go in the round. I knew that I had to do something to win the round, and I kind of fired off a right hand without really setting it up or being aware at what my opponent was doing. My right hand sailed way wide, but I lost my balance for a second and Maeki absolutely hammered me with a counter right hook/uppercut that caught me pretty flush on the left side of my chin.

Despite the fact that I was wearing headgear, her punch really stunned me, my vision kind of went fuzzy for a moment and my legs became rubber. It was the biggest punch I had ever been hit by and I think if she had hit me with another, I could have been in trouble, but my survival instincts were good as I grabbed a hold of her and clinched for the remainder of the round.

You can read the full backstory to this fight here -> My Story - Part One - White Collar BoxingThere are times in your life where things just kind of...stop and you think to the hell did I get here? That's exactly what I'm experiencing right now.
I look up and around at my surroundings. I'm in a boxing ring, and the crowd is about half full, though it's filling up as we go. My coach is behind me, gently kneading my shoulders. My opponent is making her way to the centre of the ring as the blue shirted referee calls us to the meet in the middle of the ring.   
How did I ever get here?
I'm about to participate in my first professional boxing match...and its still hard for me to believe that I'm doing this. Maybe to make sense of this, I should go back to the beginning. Maybe someone else can make sense of my life. Me…I’m not sure that I can anymore.
My name is Virani Macvicar. Strange name right? Well, th

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Her face really shows how strong the impact was. Great rendering!