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My opponent was Maeki Lin, she was an accountant from nearby Markham, Ontario. She certainly looked reasonably fit and ready to fight – she probably looked more confident than I did. She maybe had an inch on me in terms of height, but otherwise we were fairly comparable. She was wearing blue headgear, blue top, blue trunks and blue 16oz gloves. I was wearing red trunks with white trim, a white top and red headgear, topped with a Canadian flag. Oh, and to look more like a fighter than a random Indian girl, I decided to put my hair into cornrows and dreads...and amazingly it looked really good. I was sad that I had to ditch the hairstyle afterwards (our corporate clients would have pitched a fit).

The ref reminded us of the rules, 3x2 minute rounds, I touched gloves with my opponent and we both smiled at each other. I retreated to my corner, and already I could feel my legs going kind of weak, so I bounced on my toes a couple of times, just to confirm that I wasn’t going to collapse into a heap before the bell rang.

The full story of can be read here -> My Story - Part One - White Collar BoxingThere are times in your life where things just kind of...stop and you think to the hell did I get here? That's exactly what I'm experiencing right now.
I look up and around at my surroundings. I'm in a boxing ring, and the crowd is about half full, though it's filling up as we go. My coach is behind me, gently kneading my shoulders. My opponent is making her way to the centre of the ring as the blue shirted referee calls us to the meet in the middle of the ring.   
How did I ever get here?
I'm about to participate in my first professional boxing match...and its still hard for me to believe that I'm doing this. Maybe to make sense of this, I should go back to the beginning. Maybe someone else can make sense of my life. Me…I’m not sure that I can anymore.
My name is Virani Macvicar. Strange name right? Well, th

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