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Warhammer fan art 2

By AlexBoca
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Kharn the betrayer
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single handily the most "Metal" picture of Kharn on the internet.
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Love the dope art
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Kharn is really a cool guy.
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I love his epic proportions! 
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That is the most impressive interpretation of Gorechild I've ever seen!

Nice work on the trio of guardsmen he's hauling around. Poor guys... I wonder who's side they were on?

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yeah, but he's such a fun guy 
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The vents on the back pack look a bit uneven.
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That is the most badass drawing I have ever seen of him =O
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Hol....Fu....Shi....That SHIT IS BADASS!!!
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His face is scary! Good work!
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I want to have this one as a miniature
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best kharn ever. dont fight him, dont struggle, just let him collect ur skull and be done with it
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wow that's so cool, the warhammer battle suits are insane. But you just made it look epic!!
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Well thats what i call an axe.
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dammmm, dont know which is better the pic of kharn or the other.
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Amazingly brutal XD
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sweeeeeeeeeeeet! vry nice
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And here I thought Kharn couldn't get anymore bad ass XD
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