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Warhammer 40k
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Published: April 14, 2015
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"No No NO! You're doing it wrong! First you tilt it to an 45 degree angle to the chassis slot WHILE reciting the 43rd Prayer of the Omnissias Blessing and THEN you bless the bolt with sanctified oil whilst reciting the 23 Litanies of the Machine Spirit of the Unbreaking Will, NOT tilting it to an 45 degree angle to the chassis slot and *THEN* reciting the 43rd Prayer of the Omnissias Blessing and then blessing the bolt with sanctified oil whilst reciting the 23 Litanies of the Machine Spirits Unbreaking Will. And by the Omnissias oily nips, Rho~345 Sigma, can you hold the vessel of the sanktified oil in an exact angle so that it is a steady Viscoelasticy-to-Rheopecticy Factor of 0.98334 wilst flowing? Thank you."
{Am I the only one with half a brain here to read the instructions? What in the Omnissias Name did I do to deserve such, ..., oh , right, taking the "slippery when wet" sign on the Sororitas back bit too serious, and perhaps mixing the chimera axle bearing oil into the recaf, though, I still can't come to any conclusion as to why they were so enraged, it tasted awesome.}
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you are now my new favorite person  you get a gold cog!
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"Gold cog, gold cog. Nnnnope, doesn't ring a bell. Perhaps Rho-Sigma-Sigma-W2TT lost one while tending to the omnissias shrine of the neverending falling anvils? Perhaps the servitors have "ideas" again. Or the serfs are up to no good again...
I hope it's the servitors. They only need a good mind scrubbing, but where do we find enough serfs again when we purge the
Artemis-gamma barracks. Meh, I take it to Magos Tyllicrept, he'll know where this belongs. Praised be the Omnissias."
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AngelOfNopeHobbyist General Artist
I've never really thought about how tech priests would talk to one another while crafting gear, but this makes perfect sense. 
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Well you have to remind yourself that, while Cog-boys are more or less cybernetic, they are still Engineers at heart. Only later they get these HAXXOR-L33T-IT-powers that make the Matrix look like...   like....   ,damn I can't, oh, wait, like a Toaster.
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AngelOfNopeHobbyist General Artist
Lol yup
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WorldlyTasteHobbyist Digital Artist
is this based on another warhammer picture or is it supposed to be a reference to the Fates?
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ChronoGandit Photographer
It doesn't get much better than your Mechanicus images, sir.
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I have a complaint about this gun, it does not have enough dakka, it has enough bling but not enough dakka.
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stoneificauntHobbyist General Artist
You can never have enough bling and now my dakka has it.
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and that is really something
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mecha-ghostHobbyist Digital Artist
excellent craftmenship
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Awesomely detailed work!
Idle techpriests lead to excessive filigree.
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byrdworxStudent Digital Artist
this is cool, I like the mechanical textures they have a very  "H R giger" feel to them. thumbs up!
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AgentJerichoHobbyist General Artist
Whao ! Holly bolter !
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this is brilliant mechanicus art !
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SnoopycStudent Artisan Crafter
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How many Techpriests does it take to make a boltgun?
And no, that's not a joke.
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To make a special ir mastercrafted boltgun, simple bolters and IG bolters are mass-produced.
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IG don't carry bolters. Some officers have them, but they are not standard-issue and are usually customized. So they would very specifically NOT be mass-produced.
Even the Astartes bolters are often crafted inividually, in my recollection. And why not? Space Marine Chapters are small. Arming a thousand soldiers is a trifle, even if you provide each one with two or three backup weapons. Those weapons also tend to last; the Chaos Space Marines have been using and maintaining theirs for literal millennia. Cheap and plentiful works for lasguns, but bolters require a more devoted touch.
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Heavy bolters and boltpistols also some IG regiments use bolters.
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Heavy bolters are heavy weapons. For all I know they are mass produced, since they strap those things onto nearly every vehicle in the Imperial armory.
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Salvage-98Hobbyist Writer
Techpriest in the middle: My precioussss...
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