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Quake III fan art

Quake III fan art . Ill try to do a few armour concepts for him. A little tribute for a incredible game :) (© id software)
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© 2008 - 2021 AlexBoca
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Finally, some fanart I can actually respect for this game.
Most of it is focused on the thots or is purpose made Patreon virgin bait.
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excellent, quake rocked. So did doom, wolfenstein etc. ah memories.
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My fav Quake character ever, Visor just destroys. :D
Awesome job ^^
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Bloody enough, I fancy it.
MisterArtorias's avatar
crazy details....
Arachnid95's avatar
Is that Tank Jr.'s head there? :XD:
Doppner's avatar
One sexy bastard <3
Great Job
PitBOTTOM's avatar
He look's good!
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I remember this game and this was my favorite character in this game appears in my nastalgiyu
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I love games from id Software, Quake and Doom so badass, this is my childhood, when I first time played Quake and Doom on PC in 1999
YanTheDreamer's avatar
Just one word - EPIC!
P.S. And also badass...
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sheeesh, amazing.
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Visor was the fucking bomb :heart:
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Visor, badass, even more badass then sarge.
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did you use photoshop?
BrutalBa55's avatar
This is some epic detail, way to go! Captures the essence of Quake 3 thoroughly. You should consider depicting Sarge or some of the others.
TheRNX's avatar
very very very NICE!!!
<3 q3 4 ever
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That right hand is simply awesome.
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