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Brother Pardis

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Is he from the Scythes of the Emperor chapter?

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Perfect proportions for a Space Marine, and very fine drawing ! One of my favorite SM pictures. I feel like creating a dedicated NPC in my Dark Heresy campaign, matching this picture ^^
This dude is SupaBaaaad!!!
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Cool art work! Looks like Lex Luther, though. lol
He's out to purge the Kryptonian xenos scum!
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Ave God-Imperor!:)
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yeaa yeaaaaah! this is awesome!
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TheSliverCross: By adornments he should be from the Space Wolves (Wolftooth Necklace, Wolf Belt and his left knee) He is probable now at the service of the Deathwatch, as his left Shoulder bear now the symbol of the Inquisition. but I can be mistaken
i find it funny that a Space Wolf would actually work for the Inquisition
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What chapter is he from?
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Awesome armour designs; I love the colouring here!
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This is a beautiful piece, and a great addition to the DW book. What medium did you use to create it?
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omg this is just AMAZING!!:D
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Oh, sweet. Not sure about the lots of gold (contradicts a bit with the sDW silver markings), but cool nontheless.

And that's one hell of a fat bolter.
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Really impressive work on his armor :)
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What chapter? looks like wolves, but those heads and teeth are feline. Deathwatch of course. Did this picture get put in a FFG book? I haven't seen it yet, very cool for a  custom character.
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Many thanks dude! He is from the Tigers Argent Chapter. The artwork was published in Deathwatch: The Emperor's Chosen
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just read pardis' wiki, you should do a dreadnought-interred version of him. Love the deathwatch rpg, thanks for the great art
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beautiful work, this would be classified as concept art. Great Job. I think if this was in a contest you would have a high chance of winning.
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