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my second piece of fan art to the classic FPS DOOM. I kinda crammed the screen with gore, will try to adhere to the size of the page more next time ^_^
Left is the Doom marine standing ontop of a cacodemon, sticking the rocket launcher in his eye, about to blow his ugly floating body up. middle pose is the doom marine standing victorious, covered in Blood from a freshly decapitated and eviscerated Imp, he is holding the chainsaw, chaingun and super shotgun on his back.
And final to the right is the doom marine when he uses one of the berserker health packs, going into a complete murderous rage, pulverizing a zombie marine .
i sort of imagined it like a steroid boost, making him super strong and fast, going completely ape shit tearing enemies apart.

The page is a bit crowded, sorry about that, but was a lot of fun to colour the hell out of this! :D

Enjoy ^_^
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Codeyellow07's avatar
Are you gonna do fanart for the new DOOM reboot
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
i tend to be really late to the party on new games, may well do when I have like a "Doom" Month later down the line. thanks for asking ^_^
Codeyellow07's avatar
That's alright I still haven't played the new one myself. I want to though.
Cysal89's avatar
sav8197's avatar
This is amazing dude, you should do more Doom Doodles :)
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
Thanks Sav,
may do, just gotto be in the mood for some Doom style slaughter :)
sav8197's avatar
GoneIn10Seconds's avatar
Nice drawings, same goes for your other pic of Doom doodles :D 
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
Thanks, glad u like them! ^_^
fer2306's avatar
omg taht amazing broo !!!! :D
DesterFawgrold's avatar
BRUTAL DOOM COOP as himself. ))
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
Tha Brutalist! ^_^
Thanks for the comment! :D
The-Last-Wimbleton's avatar
DoomGuy, you havin' fun there?
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
sure he is,
thanks for the comment :)
The-Last-Wimbleton's avatar
Let him rev that chainsaw!
Agent-Chris's avatar
Haa! I love it. Can't go wrong with massive amounts of gore. Checked your gallery again.
Your poses are as dynamic and fluid as the last time I was around.
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
Gore-tastic for sure! :D
i like to push my stylization to new heights. pushing what I can do analogue informs what i can do digitally, the pen informs the mouse click,^_^
I always try my best to do justice to a well loved franchise :D
Thanks for the kind words Agent-Chris, you Rock! :D
SID914's avatar
Fucking amazing job!
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
hey thanks very much :D
TeddyKillerX's avatar
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
Thanks very much, I appreciate it! ^_^
TeddyKillerX's avatar
No problem! Keep up the awesome work! :D
NitroactiveStudios's avatar
This is epic! Great job!
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