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TF_Circuit Breaker_Doodle 01_Aug21

Here is a little fan art Doodle I did of Circuit Breaker an original human anti hero character from the marvel days of the Transformers comic, she is like a scientist/engineer who was caught in an attack by the decepticon shockwave and was severely electrocuted loosing the use of her legs. she built herself a robotic exoskeleton to restore her mobility and she was reborn as Circuit Breaker. She gained electrical powers and flight and basically vowed to destroy all robots regardless of their affiliation.
She continued to be a popular character that didn't appear anywhere else other than the marvel run of transformers, these Days Hasbro haven't been able to use her in anything as she is considered a marvel creation, so they have had to resort to off brand lookalike style characters to continue her legacy. I think there were some attempts to join her up with a team of other super powered agents to separate her from the Transformers brand but these were unsuccessful from what I remember.
Also in Regeneration One, a continuation of the Marvel continuity in IDW Publishing's comics they did pass the mantle onto Spike Witwicky dubbing himself "Circuit Smasher" and thats about the most recent and high profile use of the character to my knowledge.

This was alot of fun to do, I had the idea in my head for a while to see if I could replicate the look of a circuit board with the little circles and connective lines kind of forming at will up to Circuit Breaker as their source like she is commanding them to form like roots, that kind of thing. I am no expert in how circuit boards are laid out I just searched afew images to get the general idea and tried going for designs I liked the look of.
Hope u Enjoy, this turned out better than I could have hoped! ^_^
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I think she fought Ironman once after Marvel lost the TF license, Ironic thing is she would have fit in to Bayformers

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Very awesome stuff!!! Always great seein' old Transformers comic stuff!!!!

I don't think I ever heard of this character before.

Pretty cool design^^