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Something a little different for a change. I was playing some Final Fantasy 8, on my way to the tomb of the unkown king to fight the Brothers, these two minotaurs, and i was suddenly in the mood to draw the Barons of Hell from the classic first person shooter Doom.

To the left is the Baron of Hell, this minataur that throws green fire balls at you, they were tough in the game, only going down from 6 rockets. Top picture is of the Doom Marine, Blowing a Baron of Hell's Head off at close range with the Rocket launcher, the super shotgun in his other hand. Bottom right is the Pinky Demon, Here is his Doom 3 appearance, where his bottom half is all mechanical, looks more like a slig's lower half from abes oddysee the way I drew it, lol.
And finally in the middle is a benny hill style bit of comedy, as soon as I get the chainsaw in my hands I just go ape shit and start chopping up everything that moves.

Mostly a bit of fun, enjoy ^_^
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Amazing job man :D
jakepocalypse's avatar
Can't wait for doom 4
jakepocalypse's avatar
Shows the true spirit of doom🔫💀😊😊😈
RedWingsDragon's avatar
lol Awesome stuff here. I espically love "DIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!"
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
ofcourse, was the first thing I did when I picked up the chainsaw, just go bonkers ^_____^
thanks! :D
MySoulWillPrevail's avatar
i love this, shows what DOOM is all about, victory measured in the enemies blood. the rocket launcher piece is my fav though.
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
Totally! ^_^
Am glad u like it :D
yeah the point blank Rocket launcher to the face is baddass ^_^
MetroidSolid's avatar
damn, I love your artstyle! <3
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
Aw thankyou Katie/ MetroidSolid, I am most appreciative u like it ^_^
Hugs! :D
MetroidSolid's avatar
not a problem Dear! :huggle:
NeoJimHeadshot's avatar
I gotta love that rocket launcher melee action up top there. Great job!
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
sometimes u just gotto blow a mothafuckers head off and be done with it ^_^
lol am glad u like it! :D :D :D :D
BeardedDoomGuy's avatar
Doom 3 pinky design, Classic Doom Baron of hell design, and Quake 3 arena Doom guy design.
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
or my stylized versions of them, most astute of you to notice. :)
DtheCadeyra's avatar
Awesome doodles, though I've never played these games... awesome nonetheless!! :D
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
Aww, that DtheCadeyra need only give Doom or Doom 2 a try out and she will be able to decide if it is for her. I can attest it is more fun that any mortal sinner deserves to have, ou yaay ^_^
Am most glad u like zi doodle noodles! ^______^

Much Appreciative Hugs and ice popsicles :D
TheStrayLiger's avatar
I can't handle so much awesomeness.
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
Oh my Goodness it is Strayberry Hellloooo! ^_^
Awww am glad you appreciate my Doodles whether they are bloody roar or not, Schweet.

Psst, Strayberry, I come bearing good news! D: D: D:

Very soon I will finish my Latest Bloody roar Splash paaaaage O.O
U will get to see much moar awesome! ^_^
Hugs x! ^_^
TheStrayLiger's avatar
Of course I love them, BR or not your drawings are stunning :la:!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :iconlaexplodeplz:!!! I can't wait! I am always eager to see more of your Bloody Roar art :excitedlaplz:

zfemocheese's avatar
O .O Amazing...
AlexBaxtheDarkSide's avatar
Hey Zack, thanks forthe comment, am glad u like it ^_^
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