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Bucky o'Hare Dead Eyed Duck Doodle 01_Aug2021

Here is a little doodle of Dead Eyed Duck from the 80's short lived cartoon based on a toy line Bucky O'Hare. this was a fun one I used to watch back in the day, it kinda started as a response to TMNT's success and spawned a line of action figures, it had a neat little cartoon to go with it, focusing on the titchular Captain Bucky O'Hare and his Crew as they try to thwart the toad empire. It's a fun space themed anthro show, they had a human sidekick from earth who would come up with techno solutions ,and Dead Eye'd Duck here was my favorite, who was abit of a baddass, I guess what they were going for abit of a Han Solo type crossed with maybe Clint Eastwood/ Wolverine, the gunner of the ship "righteous indignation", shoot first n ask questions later kinda duck who had a life as a pirate from what I remember. the Show feels like it draws from the same pool as maybe "Star Fox", it wasn't long just lasting 1 season, but it was a nice n colourful show, I enjoyed it between Transformers, He-man and thundercats among others. I recall I did own afew of the toys, Dead Eye here included, I thought he was cool. :)
Enjoy! ^_^
Oh, I was also voiced by scott McNeil of gundam wing fame, voice of Duo and also voice of Ratrap in Transformers Beast Wars. 
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Sweet. I have the figure somewhere too. :-)

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I thought about buying the Bucky O'Hare graphic novel once, I guess because I was intrigued by the combination of funny animals and sci-fi, but Mom wouldn't let me get it for some reason. Whatever interest I might have had must have died down by the time the animated series came out, though, since I never made an effort to watch.

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I had this toy XD I miss this show.

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God! Dead Eye was the man at that show. Always was awesome character with his four armed laser hands that shots everywhere. And even epic when you realize he know a ninja duck with four arms too! (˵Φ ω Φ˵)

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Awesome job dude

Wow, really awesome work^^

Looks as if he came right out of the cartoon^^

Oh my god that is so freaking cool

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