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My Bio

Hi Guys, my area of interest is hand-drawn action scenes, usually featuring realistic martial arts. I tend to do key poses, fan art of transformers, marvel, dc, old school anime, games and I work on comics these days with original characters.

Third Year Graduate of 3D animation at Ravensbourne College, London. Been working freelance for a few years on short films and music videos as 3d artist. These days I am happily working on Commission comics featuring original characters, making covers as well, its helping with my storytelling and artistic talent.

I enjoy digital painting and traditional drawing. I like to draw in a stylized cartoony fashion, but I want my characters to have a few teeth, not be cutesy :) (tho I am not above a bit of lightheartedness in my work ^_^) I tend to draw my characters "realistically proportioned", even if they are cartoony in nature, I have always been a fan of the martial arts movie genre, kung fu, modern-day, etc as well as get my start in the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons, born mid 80's so about the time the superhero genre (buff muscular heroes) was on the way out and enter wacky anthro comedy characters, guess I wasn't fully ready to move on from the over the top squarely heroic characters and my work has ended up as a combination of the best of both ^_^ I have as of late come to appreciate the wacky cartoons of the '90s, I understand the humor and cleverness way better, I was probably abit butt hurt my Thundercats and He-man and Fist of the North Star and the like were falling out of favor with general audiences before I was ready to move on, preaching messages of "love,honor,integrity, loyalty and courage really Really sing to a young man". Ah well, I take my time now revisiting them, taking in as much of the craft as possible! ^_^

I draw cartoony or anthro characters because I have more fun drawing exaggerated expressions. It can be hard to convey to the reader what emotion the character is feeling from moment to moment when two or more silent characters are in a back and forth fight, and also not taking up valuable page real estate explaining it to the reader, so I have found this works out pretty well so far. Also, I think because of my animation background in 3d, I am much more fascinated than ever before about anatomy, how weight is distributed, how you balance in a martial arts stance for instance. I have been on a journey of discovering as much knowledge about the "intelligent technology" of the human body as I can. Laboring to get as much of that in my work as I can, usually taking the form of exhaustive tiny detail on where pressure is being applied in a chokehold for instance or action and reaction, showing how a person's body rag-dolls or flops over when hit, that stuff matter, it creates consequence. So yeah I am on a journey to convey "reality" in an over the top fashion, I guess. I don't have all the answers, but that's the beauty, there is no limit to how much knowledge you can acquire, it's just on you to tap out when you feel enough is enough, right now I am very hungry, and very keen to explore ^_^

Favourite Visual Artist
Stylized and cartoonish is the way to go for me, animation art, not too little, not too much, ala classic golden/ silver age DC/Marvel. I love the sprite pixel animation of Capcoms 2D fighters, love the musculature :)_abit of a digital nomad
Favourite Movies
First movie I fell in love with was 1986 transformers the movie. Best animation and sound track!By far the biggest movie to impact on my life of late is the AVENGERS. Most Huge inspiration for me as an artist,that and TERMINATOR 2!
Favourite TV Shows
probably stuff like Breaking bad, jojo's bizarre adventures, just any show that gets you paying attention to the details
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
hmm, as of this writing im cosistently listening to Hammerfall, Bloodbound, the Cure and skillet. would not call myself a music person, i just like songs, mostly rock and metal and the like, other than that aint got a Damn clue! >.<
Favourite Books
get back to ya on that, am just reading marvel graphic novels at the mo
Favourite Writers
lol dunno
Favourite Games
metal gear solid, urban reign ( i play it a Shit ton, so guess it might aswell be my favorite) I like Castlevaina Drcula x and Super Castlevania4, trying to finish final fantasy 8, got 10, 10-2 and 12, do like me some fighting games and other such stuff
Favourite Gaming Platform
playstation 1 2 and 3, 2 particularly.
Tools of the Trade
pen, paper, pencil and preferably a desk to work on,photoshop Oh and fuck ton of sharpie colour pens, permanent markers, tombo grey brush pens and black pens of different point size
Other Interests
martial arts, kung fu movies, tv shows of the live action and anime variety, meeting up, going to the pub, socialimitasions, going to conventions to check out the swanky gear and am a practical joker ^_^
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Hi Everyone, what a blast it has been these last few months uploading this ambitious comic project, I am very happy for the world to see it at last! A Big Thankyou to everyone who has been following it since the beginning I appreciate all your likes and comments, I have such amazingly thoughtful followers! ^___^ There will be more Ambitious projects coming down the pipe very soon. For now, I will be going back to my old schedule of uploading one off fan art every two weeks on a Tuesday. I am currently still closed at the moment for new Commissions, as soon as I am available I will put a new poster together with updated prices and what services will be on offer. A quick note, if you would like to re-read the "Mink vs Snake" comic in the correct page order rather than upload order, I have put it the "right way around" in my "Alex's Original comics_ongoing" folder. so it saves you having to go all the way back, now you can read it from front cover to the end like a real comic. So
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Hi Everyone, Just to let you know I have completed a Long Commission Project, in Collaboration with Pack111(, If you know my style, you'll have guessed its an action-heavy comic, very detailed, very cartoony stylized but with lots of realistic techniques, back and forth, unexpected reversals of fortune, that sort of thing! Expect to see a new Page Released every TWO DAYS a WEEK from now on, that will be Tuesdays and Fridays! If you know me I post Fortnightly on a Tuesday, but this will be different, you won't have to wait long for the next page, it will literally be right around the corner, Not long to wait at all! The Cover is up now, I look forward to seeing you all then as we go through this journey together! Thank you ALL! Axi
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Hi guys, just testing out my share button, Anyone have a soft spot for Transformers G1 Pretneders?
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Hi your welcome, I thought your pony characters was gorgeous especially all that long hair! ^_^


Thanks for the fav. :)

Ur Most welcome Hotrod5,

you do Gr8 3d art! ^_^

Thanks for adding Vireth to your collection, I agree she's a woman FOR THE AGES.

Vireth Danea: Sith Assassin.