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Shadow in Shadow

By Alexbalix
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What you are seeing here is the shadow of Mauna Kea ( 13,796' ) on the earths atmosphere. Inside that shadow is the lunar eclipse that took place on 2/20/08.

Because of how far west Hawaii is we missed most of the eclipse. What we did see rose at sunset and created a very unique sight.

This is only one frame out of a 1126 frame time lapse I took of the eclipse. The whole time lapse can be viewed here [link]

D50 50mm
ISO 400 F-5.6
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It's funny: I first saw that photograph over at Astronomy Picture of the Day. I then clicked the link to your video hosted at where I saw that you're also a member of deviantART. ;-)

I just want to thank you for your effort and for sharing such a beautiful and unique experience with others. I love the video and the music you used for it.
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Hehe, yea I am all over the place. Your welcome on the video, I am very glad you liked it. Thank you!
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Stunning i love the colors and depth
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Very impressive
I particularly loved the animation you put together of all your frames.
Top quality.
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Thanks, I was amazed it worked out so well. :hug:
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showed the animation to even both of my parents.
they had the same reaction.
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wonderful!!!!! i love it :)
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So the video is just a thousand + photographs taken of the eclipse without moving the camera? It was an absolutely beautiful job. The sunset, with the shadow and moon just a bit after this frame was incredible. I wish you could have had more of the eclipse to see. That would have been insanely breath taking, which is hard to imagine since this already is.
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Thats basically it, a bunch of photos playing at 30 frames a second. Well I was lucky enough to see the totality of a different lunar eclipse last year, but the time lapse did not work out very well. I am glad I got it this time around because there won't be another one in the US for another two years. Thank you for the great comment, I am glad you liked it.
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wow... that's cool. Great job on the video too
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wow so beautiful! And just the person i wanted to talk to. hop in iphotograph when u get the chance! please:bucktooth:
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This is just gorgeous. There's a quiet serenity about the piece...great job :thumbsup:
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