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Power Girl sketch colored

Hi there!

Just a little something funny and fast.

I had to laugh when I saw this ~thincage ’s sketch [link]

I do understand her problem, but then again what’s a fanboy to do when you have such an outfit? I mean…what’s the hole for, ventilation? The imagination of the BD fashion designers never cease to amaze me.

As always, I’d love to receive your comments (and favs )

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Colors: :iconalexasrosa: me :bow:
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lol sure, let me unzip  my pants and expect you to look at my eyes 
Slap some googly eyes on those breasts. Problem solved.
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very nice & nicely done Love Clap 
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:confused:She has eyes ?:confused:
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lol See the mountains? Go north
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Great to see a colored version of this classic.
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Thanks so much!
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Great Pic! Simply Hilarious. I must give her credit for trying.
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I agree, although maybe a wardrobe change would be easier lol
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She's going to try endlessly but I just don't see it working. That hole as "CallMePo" put it is for easy access. lol and were it not for her breasts being so overly exposed, it would be her backside, lol. Its a losing battle. Nice work with the colors!
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Yeah, it is...
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"Excuse me... were you saying something? I was a little distracted."
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hence the visual aid lol
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"There's a visual aid? I was distracted by the.... by the... never mind."
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This is just too epic...
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lol I thought so too
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Nicely coloured!
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Thanks so much
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Thats a scary photo she has there
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