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Beach time! 2015

It seens that Kratos didn't know that Fluttershy goes to the same beach...

meanwhile on Kratos mind: *Thats has to be the most beautiful thing in the world*


Parece que Kratos no sabia que Fluttershy va para la misma playa...

Mientras tanto en la mente de Kratos: *Esa debe ser la cosa mas hermosa del mundo*
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Kratos face is one of the most hilarous thing i've ever saw on the internet XDDDDDDDD

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Funny and poor War.:XD:
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I laughed at his face! :rofl:
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LOL I love this pic and Fluttershy's pet Evee? looks very nice too in it's snorkeling gear.
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Thanks, I was trying to make him as cute as I could.
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Hah :XD: Poor War... XD
AleXandrYuZ's avatar
I'm glad...I guess...
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Kratos' surprise is so out of character for him, knowing him really. But that expression of hid is hilarious!

And what are the two Dantes doing to War?
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Zoom in and you can see it haha!
DWN966KuruMan's avatar
Oooh! They are pulling a lobster prank on him! I hope War won't get pissed at them!
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wow lolz kratos 
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Wait, is that Jiraiya sleeping in the background? XD
AleXandrYuZ's avatar
WHo? nope, the big guy is War from Darksiders but without all his armor.
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alright, he does resemble Jiraiya a lot though (from naruto) But, anyway, the poster is amazing LOL XD
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LULZ, dat Kratos, jaja 
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Well...this is an odd meeting of peoples!
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