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A Sherlock and Frozen crossover because I am shameless. Lol

Now taking commissions!…
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Oh no, its the douchebag.
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Oooooh, its this bastard
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If this guy is reformed in the Frozen sequal i predict that is going to have millions of new fangirls.
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Do you think he will even be in Frozen 2?
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Your fanart is amazing!
I don't know why, but Hans is reminding me of Rick Astley :v
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"Never gonna give you up.
Never gonna let you down.
Never gonna steal the crown,
and hurt you."
Derp Hans - Icon 

(sorry and thanks for your sweet comment !! Lol)
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Oh god get hans rick rolled XD
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I made an edit of this for a video project a while back. Permission to post that image here as a deviation, crediting you?
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May I have a link to the video please? And I hope I am credited in that as well. I wish you had asked permission before editing it. Thank you for asking now, that's alright as long as I'm credited and you provide a link to the original.
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The video:…

It's at the very end, and pretty much represents the punchline of the whole thing.
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Frozen: Bad Ending.

Anna is too far away to stop Hans from executing Elsa. She ends up turning into an ice statue, Kristoff is left heartbroken, Olaf melts. Leaving no one to stop the rise of King Hans the Witch Slayer.
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What do you mean bad ending? That was brilliant! :3

Okay, I guess I'd feel bad for Kristoff, though. 
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Heh, thanks.

And we should also probably feel a little bad for Olaf too. Maybe.
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hhnngg that expression Heart 
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Honey, You should see me in a crown! love it :D King Moriarty GIF I too got the similar idea. And while i was drawing it, saw urs in google search and i was like Sherlock - Moriarty Shocked (Someone has already got my idea , lol ). Happy to find this art in deviantart. I wanted to appreciate it, Happy Clap Nice work :)
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Moriarty Emote (BBC Sherlock) Sherlock - Angry Sherlock Emote - Moriarty Sherlock - Moriarty Shocked  Hans... I think u look better as a prince
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And Elsa is Mycroft, Anna is Sherlock, Kristoff is John, and Sven is the skull.
The Duke of Wellington is either Anderson or Donovan (preferably the latter), and I don't know who Lestrade would be.
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GREAT now hes a bedazzled disingenous dickweed
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dickweed, yes.
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this reminds me of Moriarty Sherlock - Moriarty Shocked King Moriarty GIF 
Hans:Joon: Bitch Please Im Fabulous XD 
Moriarty:Doge troll emote Sherlock Emote - Moriarty 
Hans:Words Can't Even Describe... - NaNoEmo 25/30 
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That's the idea! Lol
Prince Hans 
Sherlock Emote - Moriarty Smile 
Sherlock Emote - Moriarty 
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