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Mushrooms environment i did for a little app game i`m involved into developing recently. The game will be a cartoony one with fairy`s and witches so there needs to be a certain aura of mistery. 
This was done for Sepia Interactive Games.
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This is great! The water is beautiful and I'd love to play this game!
And since you requested critique I'll just give you a few of my thoughts about this piece.
The image has a strong twilighty feeling ( or is this an eclipse? I'm not sure - anyway dramatic and I don't know if that was intended or not but I think the strong cast shadows of the mushrooms in the fg also make the lighting somewhat unreal and with that somewhat uncomfortable - which might be what you intended idk. but if you wanted it to be a little calmer I'd think about toning down the shadow a nudge or giving the mushrooms in the fg a little more light.
Then there might be a small issue in the upper left corner I think that would work a lot better if the fg mushroom lapped a bit over the one in the bg and maybe overlap the hill too so it would brake up the line and make it easier to read as fg and bg. Also about easier reading I guess you intended to make the witches shroom more saturated then the rest and I think that works great but I also feel it makes the rest of the pic look a little desaturated. There is no real saturation difference in bg and left-fg and as far as i can tell none in fg and the too mushrooms up front. I think the piece would benefit from a bit more saturation variation and that might actually be not to much work - depending on how you built it up. Well that were my thoughts on finetuning this great pic! Hope it helps a bit <3
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Hey Kat! thanks a lot for you time, ive also seen your stuff, cool style;) 
The game is with witches and magic, so it needs a little weird colours. It was really hard to find a good way to make it colourful-weird colored and still a bit happy and... yea i think the saturation its a bit too uniform. I will see what i can do about this. Good idea with the overlaping i need to see what i can do, just now i`m really busy with Est European Comic Con and i`ll be busy preparing the goods...
Thanks again and keep in touch;)