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steelOrb small for Windows 7

By AlexandrePh
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steelOrb (small version), a start orb for Windows 7

explorer.exe for Windows 7 64bits & 32bits (build 7600.16450) included !
Now with the last SP1 versions !

Icons not included : Token by brsev

Wallpaper not included : DREAMS by Psychopulse


You can use a resources hacker (best method !) in order to change it like ResHacker or Restorator.

OR follow this simple tutorial :


Method 1 :

Use this easy-to-use tool : Windows Theme Installer by Kishan-Bagaria

Method 2 :

add a "take ownership" shortcut to your right-click :)
and use the old trick by using the task manager, end explorer.exe, then browse and replace :)

Method 3 : (thanks to yayme)


Don't hesitate to ask if you encounter problems !!!


First, place your shortcut on the desktop, change icon by : right-click > Properties > Change icons > browse..... > OK > OK
only then place this shortcut on the superbar,
and now it works. :)

I hope you like it !

preview made with my theme : Soft7

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chevere clasico

y bonito trabajo

link is broken
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hope the start button work. :3
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I love this orb, unfortunately when I use it on my (top located, big icon) taskbar, it is annoyingly uncentered! So much so that I can't stand it! It's probably only 1 or 2 pixels down from the center but on the taskbar that makes a lot! 

Am I the only one who has this problem?
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It's for the bottom only. I don't think he'll make one specifically for the top.
Do you plan on making a version for Windows 8.1?
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Could you please make a Windows 8.1 version?
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Hey, I want to know how to turn it back to the default windows start orb. Thanks
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Make this with new windows logo. :)
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Kaspersky is complaining about the included 64-bit explorer.exe in latest directory:
PDM.Invader (loader)
PDM.Hidden data sending
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It comes from a genuine Windows 7, I don't know what Kaspersky can find but there's no problem with it.
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لو سمحتو ياجماعه بالله عليكو اى حد يعرف ازاى اخلى الايقونات عندى فى شريك المهام زى اللى فى الصورة يقولى على الطريقه
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I'm sorry but google translate didn't help, I only understand french or english, or any language that google translate is good at.
I'll be most happy to know many more languages, I've tried others, but practice is the key, and french and english is all I can have everyday...

Even if you don't know english very well, please consider trying, there's no problem in mistakes and I'll try to help you :)
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d'abord, très jolie œuvre :P puis le monsieur demande comment faire pour avoir les mêmes icônes que sur l'image (celles de la barre des tâches).

Bonne continuation :)
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Comme écris dans la description : "Icons not included : Token by brsev"
When i followed you instructions for changing the icons, it worked, but when I click the new, cool looking icon, it opens the program on another icon on the taskbar, using the standard icon. Help?
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Oh you may be speaking about itunes or maybe some other specific programs. Tell me the names and I may help if I've got the knowledge, but maybe Google would help you more than me :)
Thanks for the reply! It actually fixed itself after awhile, maybe after the taskbar refreshed itself or something. The programs I've got on it are Firefox, Windows Explorer, Steam and iTunes.
Anyway, that part is fixed, but now that I've rebooted by computer, the orb is back to normal. How do I get yours to be persistent?
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Glad to hear it.

The only way that the orb could change happen on some rare Windows Updates that changes the explorer.exe, so it would make the orb go back to normal. These updates are very rare but it seems it happened while you've changed it.

You'll have to change the explorer.exe again and it will stay. But you have to be careful to use the right versions of the explorer.exe. I write the full version with my orbs, just check you've got the same.

I also write "last version" for the last updated version of the explorer.exe to use if you're doing the Windows Updates.

There are other ways to change the orb that you could find on dA, that will modify your own explorer.exe instead of actually changing it for example. Or use Restorator to change the png inside your own explorer.exe (the cleanest way but maybe the "hardest" for some people).
FIXED. I just had to think about it for a sec.
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