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kare for Web browser

By AlexandrePh
Here are my karé icons for Web browser

15 icons in 32 px only

PNG and ICO included

They are primarily made for the Windows 7 Superbar, that's why they are of that size.

UPDATE 26/09/11 : 6 New icons + IE 9 updated (better colors)

Firefox - Safari alt - Chrome 11 - Opera - Internet Explorer 9
Nightly - Safari full - Chrome - Opera white - Internet Explorer 8
Aurora - Safari - Palemoon - Lunascape - Maxthon
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Замечательные иконки ! Вы настоящий художник ! Спасибо огромное . И просьба , сделать иконку для Cent Browser , в таком же стиле .
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Hey But First : How To Replace Them Please !! :'(
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Simply an awesome pack! Congratulations on this great work! :omfg:
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It's flawless, looks amazing on my superbar! Could you make an icon for Rockmelt? It's the only one I'm missing.
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I'm a little bit late, but still want to say, that these icons look pretty cool.
If I change my superbar icons to something more colorful, I'll
take these too.
Do you plan to continue on Karé? I know you#ve made some for Adobe.
But I would miss media and internet apps too. :)
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Could you give a quick instruction how to apply them? I am noob :P
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It's all explain in my FAQ : [link] :)
First question
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GJ My Friend keep it up !!! :D
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අඩෝ පට්ටයි බන් මැක්සා
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I'm sorry I can only speak English, French, a bit of German, maybe Japanese and Klingon, but I can't translate everything... Google sadly didn't help me here...

But I would be glad to know what you have to say :)
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its mean "very nice" in Sinhala...from Sri Lanka :D
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Awesome! That was I waiting for
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awesome, please give us more! :))
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I like the update :D
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Very nice my friend!
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Oooh, Pale Moon and Chrome but what of Chromium? Still, I'm happy.
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cool :D
wainting for other extended pack,because i'm missing intanst messengers icons or social networks :P
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I'm working on 10 things at the same time lately, but social icons are planned for "relatively soon", I've created the folder on my HDD :D
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very good i'm waiting :D
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