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kare expansion pack

A new pack of karé icons.

18 icons in 32 px only

PNG and ICO included

They are primarily made for the Windows 7 Superbar, that's why they are of that size.

Alcohol 120% - Calculator - iTunes 10 - Malwarebytes - Restorator - Filezilla
GMail - Google Earth - GrabIt - Word - Grooveshark - Spotify
Download - Note - deviantArt - Half-Life - Cities XL - Eight ball

Wallpaper : Far Sighted by *Delta909
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Yeah, please share the PSD file as I would like to use this icon style for all my applications please! <3 so I can try to create some by myself
CCleaner is one of the best softwares of all time, it'll be awesome if you can make an icon for it!
I am kinda new to this, but how can I change the icons?
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any chance you'll end up making a peerblock icon at some point? These are wicked and that's the only thing I have you don't have an icon for, so... yeah. fantastic work with these.
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ugh -_-; I wish I had a Sims 3 and Zune icons then I would be good to go. still a nice set i use these more then any other
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how to place them in the superbar ??
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Wow Very Cool!
Do you take requests? If so i was wondering if you could one for powerpoint, and one for pandora too.
Also what was your inspiration for this pack?
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One for the new Facebook Desktop Messenger should be awesome and not too difficult :)
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will you make another pack like the splash ex , winrar , internet download manager , origin , notepad.I want it very much because it is a program that i use everyday!:)
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any chance for a game pack? cause i would like to have css, batle bc2/3, CoD, ... :D
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Is there any chance for icon? :P
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A chance yes :D I plan on doing a pack for websites like last fm, facebook, twitter, etc... I just don't find the time right now :hmm:
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can U make icon for polish messenger "gadu-gadu" and for nero?:) here's the link for gadu gadu: [link]
icon of gadu gadu is a sun with a smile:) please install it and check. backgroud of icon can be yellow with sun on it (yellow sun with red borders)
My Question i want install this icon's , but i dont know how, :( , help me :)
So nice ... but i dont know how these icon :( plz help
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Watch my FAQ for more info or read different descriptions of my theme Soft7 to know more.
But what is your question ? :)
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And it is possible to make still these smart icons for programs please:

Zune, KMPlayer & Agent?
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And My Computer, Recycle
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Could you make a command prompt icon, pleeeease?
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I keep your message in my inbox, but I've no idea when I'll make it...
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can you please also QIP icon?
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can U give me a pack of kare icon?
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