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Windows 8 mockups
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By AlexandrePh   |   Watch
Published: June 30, 2014
Just some mockups

The first must be one year old or something.
I know it looks like Yosemite, but it was made before, and Yosemite looks like Metro, and so on ^^
It's actually inspired by this : anhgreen123.deviantart.com/art… and many other things.

And the second is newer (but still from 2013).
Inspired by this : kgbstyle.deviantart.com/art/Wi… and dribbble.com/shots/1334369-Moc… and a lot of others.

Just some ideas put to Photoshop in case the result might be interesting. I'd love to make them into actual themes but I don't have the time anymore, and others are giving us wonderful themes already :)

You're free to use any and all if you respect the Creative Common copyright, just please don't claim it's yours.
If somebody wish to make a theme out of them you can and you're free to choose any name you want for them. As always simply put a small link to here somewhere, it's enough as credits.

The Download includes both PSD that could help in the process.


Some works used :
Flurry icons by David Lanham
Hexagrama icons by memovaslg
and some of my Flat icons too.
I can't remember what's the first wallpaper since deviantArt saved it as "44491583", if you know please tell me ;)
Derp wallpaper by lassekongo83
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warulez's avatar
The icons in the taskbar in the bottom mockup are your own unreleased icons?
FudjiSatoru's avatar
w10 verison coming?:( (Sad) 
AlexandrePh's avatar
Hi, nope sorry :/ I'm no longer doing anything related to customization.
tarik64's avatar
hi guys.
how can i install this themes ?
AlexandrePh's avatar
Hi, this is a mockup only, just a picture made in Photoshop. And I'm sorry to say that it will not come as a theme from me, since I'm no longer doing anything customization related.
gazawisay's avatar
really want the bottom theme! :P
xlife18's avatar
Kiko11 aka givesnofuck could probably do a great job at it but he no longer uses windows AFAIK. :(
Awesome mockup, BTW.
ajthemacboy's avatar
Surprisingly similar to windows 10.
evthan's avatar
very nice, thanks!
rashbeep's avatar
man i wish you were still making themes, the quality has been unmatched IMO
AlexandrePh's avatar
Thanks :)
And, I don't know if you like dark themes, but at least one surprise is on its way very soon ^^ I'm also working on a port of a Windows 7 theme that I hope I'll be able to share (not my work). And I also got ideas for at least one other theme, a dark one too, that won't take too much time I hope. And then I'll see for something more bright. All for Windows 8, more or less flat.
So I don't know what will be people's reaction and if they'll like it or not, we'll see ^^
chen526110979's avatar
It's so beautiful,how can I get it?
AlexandrePh's avatar
These are only mockups, pictures made in Photoshop. If you like, you can download the .psd file just here on dA (the button of the right), but I haven't made them into a theme.

Thanks :)
Phendrome's avatar
Really digging them. Perfect to swap around depending in what mood you're in. But the second one definitely fits in more in the newer Windows environment! :)
mikkis2k's avatar
I had a go on windows 7.. it went kinda OKAY but it's not as good as your quality xD


it's not 100%... as the close button is kinda hard to get right... i am still learning WSB:P
AlexandrePh's avatar
It's still very good ^^
I also think that the close button alone is not very helpful since you'll want to have a minimize accessible quickly (I've seen that after some test). And I can't get the close button so close from the border Under Windows 8, there's also a lot of "space problem" from the mockup to the reality, so everything could not be placed like that, sadly...

Don't hesitate to ask if you need any other help or resources (even if I give the exact .psd as mine ^^)
mikkis2k's avatar
yeah i realized that it wasn't ment to be! So i quit.. but i still use the taskbar .pngs from your .psd! Keep up the good work :)
VictorFX's avatar
VictorFXStudent General Artist
Thanks, look's great.
CarlDx's avatar
CarlDxHobbyist Interface Designer
GREAT!!! :D looks very good bro :thumbsup:
samtheboo's avatar
samthebooHobbyist General Artist
This kind of looks like a mac/gnome. It's great, I want that for my windows!
Jaizu-Gx's avatar
Windows looking like gnome its so perfect
MustBeResult's avatar
MustBeResult Interface Designer
Aaah, love the second one my friend!The first is also good, but may be change the nav buttons with some more flat looking stuff?
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