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Win8 orb 'big arrow'

Win8 orb (big arrow), a start orb for Windows 7, made in the style of Internet Explorer 9

last version of explorer

explorer.exe for Windows 7 64bits & 32bits (build 7600.16450) included !
Now with the last SP1 versions !

BMP and PNG included

Preview made with :

Windows theme not included : Soft7 2.0 by me

Icons not included : Token by ~brsev

Wallpaper not included : bebequ3 by art-styles

Taskbar Drop Shadow by sweatyfish



Method 1 :

Use this tool to change the exe : Windows Theme Installer by Kishan-Bagaria

Method 2 :

add a "take ownership" shortcut to your right-click :)
and use the old trick by using the task manager, end explorer.exe, then browse and replace :)

Method 3 : (thanks to yayme)


Or you can use a resources hacker like ResHacker or Restorator in order to change the picture inside the explorer.exe (safest method !)



First, place your shortcut on the desktop, change icon by : right-click > Properties > Change icons > browse..... > OK > OK
only then place this shortcut on the superbar,
and now it works. :)

I hope you like it !

Check my other start orbs
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totally awesome design, love the color.
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Featured! [link] Awesome work!
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Very nice, thanks!
i cant download anything :( why not?
AlexandrePh's avatar
This deviation is a start orb and you can absolutely download it, what would you want more ? :)

(beside everything that is written in the description...)
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Looks particularly brilliant with ClearScreen Sharp.
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Good work though, I wish I could make start orbs.
TestSubject1342's avatar
I have one that looks like this, but it's not an arrow, it's a square. I'll stick with that one. It goes along well with my theme. :D (it's a windows 8 theme)
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hey, i am new at this; but its a really nice orbr! and i wanted to know if i could use it for some tutorials maybe? i will give you rights a the end of the video, and the link in the description to your orb :D really amazing orb
AlexandrePh's avatar
Thanks !
Yes, you can definitely use it for a tutorial :)
Don't hesitate to send me the link to it once it will be ready.
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I love it. Cheers mate.
This is THE shit. xD Amazing efforts. :D Could you please be more specific on how to change the icons? Thanks a lot
Meaning, where do I get those cool icons? thanks
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heyy wait is this from mine? [link]
AlexandrePh's avatar
:) I made mine a year ago : [link] so I could ask the question to you :D

Also, I'm not sure how could I use your work for mine, there not the same you know...
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lol the look similar:D
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i need help with the icons. i changed the start button but what about the toolbar? how do you change the toolbar? plz answer... also please be specific
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I really think everything is in the description, the Windows theme, and even an explanation on how to change the icons in the superbar, ... I don't know what I could add... But if you've got a suggestion I'll think about it.
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Minimal and cool!
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would be nice to have the arrow pointing down for those who have their taskbar on the right or left side
other than that it looks fantastic
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