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Bleu UI kit

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A free gift for my 100 deviation :)

It's a complete .PSD with all layers and effects, 100% vector.

Enjoy !
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I love it. I think it's clean and simple without being cookie cutter. I know the web looked outlandish in the 90's but I think we are now once bitten - 80 times shy.

Everything these days is lowercase letters, muted colors, periods-at-the-end-of-single-words bullshit. Nothing is fun anymore.

You've managed to put a cartoonish flair in here (call it 'candy' if you like but please dont, I'm tired of that one too) that works well without undermining it's usefulness.
This could be used anywhere, for anything.

But - nearly all your work is perfect. Ever since I found soft7 you are an artist I follow very closely.
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well written ! I too follow this artist ! Thanks Deviant !
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ça sert à quoi ?
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Perfect! ,I have used your checkbox style in my firefox~thanks!~
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nice :) thanks for the share
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How To Change It? Open With Program What?
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Like the category implies, it can be opened with Photoshop. But it's only a mockup, meaning that it can't be used just like that to change something.
I only share it because I think it can both inspire and be helpful for some people, since (with Photoshop) you'll be able to see the different effects used here, and maybe use them and modify them in order to use that for something else.
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Why no one made a theme based on this still?!

I love that 3D textures... unlike dumb 2D *** in Windows 8 and modern Android... it's a big backward step -.-
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Hi, Can we upload on Thanks
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Correct me if I'm wrong, the way I see designmoo, like Dribbble, and like deviantArt, is that you post a work that is supposed to be yours, not the work of others. So I'm not sure why you'd want to post the work of someone else in general.

But If it's not the case then you can follow the rules of the license I'm using on my work on dA :…
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agtiger1Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks I think I found a really cool way I can use this I'll post it later :D
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Ratchet-lombrisHobbyist Photographer
nice, 10/10 would have as a gui
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i like it.
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omg *.* thank u for the psd.
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21stUserStudent Artist
How do I use it?
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If you want it as HTML for a website, ask me, I'll make it into it (as long as `ap-graphik is OK with that.
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Well, if you haven't read the description you still have the section which is : Resources & Stock Images / Application Resources / Photoshop .PSD Files
That should give you a hint ;)
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OverPXHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice, nice, nice! I'll download as soon as possible!
JSCREATIVERHobbyist Interface Designer
Very nice! :3
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landon418Student Digital Artist
P.S Microsoft should let you create the visual style for Windows 8 :D
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landon418Student Digital Artist
Very good! You should include this if you make a VS like sharp8 or Crisp8! I have tried a lot of different themes but ALWAYS come back to soft7.
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KyralikHobbyist Digital Artist
I love it!
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