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Time to fly

By alexandreev
Concept art for one animation project
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It reminds me of an aircraft carrier mixed with the hanging gardens of Babylon.

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You've captured soo many desirable elements in a city landscape here (rundown, rustic, overgrowth, sky-islands, nice bright lights within) Well done! And thank you.
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I always love the idea of very high tech/alien things covered in plants. It gives the vibe that the earth it came from can't be removed. That even little seeds will spread.
Also that cloud/nebula is friggen brilliant!
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i like it, a lot :D
turbinedave's avatar
today i just came across my best fav ever...i adore this masterpiece............
xenoside's avatar
this is amazing
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Awesome, your work is very inspiring, looks like I gots ta practice so I can be as kickass as you!
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Love the rich colors. Cool concept!
unsunned's avatar
i wish it was dark (black or grey.. or smth like that) that sky.. (:

but spaceship is awesome.
unsunned's avatar
i like spaceship a lot and don't like colors of the sky witch are to bright. that's my opinion.
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This is superb! Can you release a bigger version so I can use it as wallpaper? I LOVE it!
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Вчепятляюще. Хотелось бы побродить-попрыгать там)
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I really like the concept, and it's very well-drawn.

is the moss/vines for camouflage, or just a sign of its age?
alexandreev's avatar
it's just vegetation
nothing else
Fearless-Fosdick87's avatar
Using the Swan Nebula as the background add to the colors. I like it!
arisechicken117's avatar
interesting concept. I like it!
fuzzjp's avatar
That is VERY cool!

What did you use to make it?
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Great Job!! That's awesome
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