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The Call

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"Shit, how do we guide these in again..."
OK, this is one of the worst jobs ever! 
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Really cool art. Very impressive. Once I saw an animation based on this picture (I think) but I cant find it. Maybe somebody know where I can find it? 
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UFO (Unidentified Flying Octopus)
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Love the colors. 
It makes the creature so mysterious and creepy. 
Flying saucers and big green alians yes, I have seen a million times but, 
this here i have never seen. 
Very original indeed.
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This reminds me of The Shadows from Babylon 5 universe.
all hail the octopuses
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Has the "I've seen enough hentia.." comment been made yet?
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SPACE OCTUPI! I love it!
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Also, I do an ongoing short fiction project, and your artwork inspired a vignette for the story. :)
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I don't think it needs your permission to land, buddy.  Or your help.  Maybe GTF out of the way.
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I just came across your artwork for the first time today. The mixture of fiction and non-fiction that you seem to specialize in is beautifully, breathtakingly uncanny. And here I thought Geiger was dead...

Thank you for putting your work out here. It's a lovely thing to be able to drift around the internet and touch other worlds through talents I don't have.
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Thats awesome :D Love it Heart 
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