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Art for SCP (093) Foundation calendar.
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Omg I love it so much


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Super nice art.

someone teach me

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OOOOOH this bad coin

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Where is the Orange test?
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The only thing I'm worried about is that this poor dude doesn't have legs oof I just realised the girl hiding from it

CoughityCoughCough's avatar

Good god! This tells so much story I am breathless by the amount of emotion this image partakes

pharmmajor's avatar
Damn. You can just feel her dread.
PelegTheMudkip's avatar
Which mirror test was this from?
Aspi-Has-dA's avatar
Congratulations on having the most iconic SCP Art!
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fucken hell there faces are smooth they don't have holes until somone shoots them
Aspi-Has-dA's avatar
Yes... This one got shot.
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I'm the D-class in the bottom right corner in this situation.
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Neat! Although I never immagined them actually moving off the ground.
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This is clearly based on the green test so y it no green ?
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The green tint was only present for in the video feed. The subject saw the world like the picture displays it.
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God those things terrify me so much. This is a really good SCP tho

Seriously me too! Something about the idea of a giant torso moving around... Yeesh!!!

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