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Roadside Picnic 03

Concept art to Roadside Picnic TV series, based on Strugatsky brothers novel (Sony Pictures for WGN America, film director - Alan Taylor,…). Trailer -…
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Man, such a same the show wasn't made. With your input on art direction this series could've been a masterpiece.
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What just killed him?
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an anomaly known as "an invisible meat grinder" or vortex for short.
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so dynamic and original :3
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"Happiness for everyone, free, and let no-one be left behind!"
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Holy crap no way they're actually making a TV series for Roadside Picnic.
TheBrandonian's avatar
Still not as bad as stubbing your toe
Aurwu's avatar
Feel sorry for the guy, it's a pain in the ass to find your glasses when they're misplaced.
In all seriousness, love the action and force of this.
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There is no place to hide. 
AlbertoBravo's avatar
Wow, so strength...
esemese's avatar
This is so intense and nicely done, my new wallpaper :)
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This picture has single-handedly introduced me to the Strugatsky brothers. I've just spent the last hour or so reading into them... time well spent.
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хорошо разрубился Oops! 
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Just amazing. Your vision of this work is powerful and unique.
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AAAAND there goes his head... Well, i don't think that he's using it much, right?
masterofshadows's avatar
That reminds me.. buy ketchup.
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same xD the mild one...
Plugin848y's avatar
Woah. That's really striking.
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This is amazing great work
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