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Maybe not aliens. The people are not scared. The hoodie looks angry. The open hood looks defiant. These are watchers, human-made and deployed to keep an eye on things, an eye on you.

What is it a alien

That movie scared the shit outta me when i was a teen! And now seeing this bring back memories
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What Movie Is this from?

War of the world maybe
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Absolutely beautiful and intriguing.

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This is cool. It reminds me of The War of The Worlds for some reason.

WOW ! Excellent floor/grass details and the illumination is spot on-excellent work.

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This is so cool looking!

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Is that one creature or two?

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This sits perfectly on that eerie balance between fascinating and creepy. I think the simplicity of the "aliens" and their worm-like shape is so strangely organic and a little threatening with their all-black colour scheme. Yet they seem more curious about the humans and a little lost as to where they are and the second one kinda looks like it's looking out for something else.. The late afternoon overcast sky and run down look of the surroundings definitely reminds me of a lot of dreams I've had which took place in similar-looking areas, the perfect setup for seeing something weird just out in the open like that too :O

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...looks like alien technology -- nice.

It reminds me of that one scene from the movie the abyss with the water probe.

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I was thinking War of the Worlds where the tripos send their probe down into the basement. Damn one of the most suspenseful scenes in a movie ever! :shh:

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Ho! :O_o: ... An intriguing and mystifying sight to behold. :nod:

Sure, it may be creepy, but I find it really fascinating. ;-)

My mind is already pondering what the two black creatures with long necks could be... :greetings: Inspired work, and I love it! :heart: :thumbsup::D :+fav:

And congratulations on the Daily Deviation! :clap:

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Nicely done! :clap: !!!

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It is good, I understand what wants to make feel, but I can't feel it. It is close enough. Maybe I need to look it more time.

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It'S incredibly eerie, but also fascinating at the same time. It's as if this lifeform tried to mimic the world outside it's normal environment. It took a look at the lampost and based itself on it so to better illuminate it's surroundings, orient itself and fine food.

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Ugh, this is so creepy. I've got chills!

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Very mysterious, quite eerie.

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Quite mysterious.

Perhaps you should write a short story about this.

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How very interesting :thumbsup:

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When hiding in plain sight fails and you try bluffing your way out.

"Um, hello there, fellow humans. Human fellows. Nothing to see here, just doing human stuff as us humans do. Ah, isn't it a lovely day to be subject to Euclidean geometry and standardised models of thermodynamics? Um... football!"

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