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Thought it was an offshore oil rig at first.

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unofficial deviation theme song/cargo cult hymn

Great art, horrible future
It's like a prehsitoric or Dark Ages version of a Soviet Rocket.
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Алексей) как всегда шикарно у вас получается, прям вау.
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Просто отлично! Эдакий весьма необычный взгляд на культ карго.
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This is so great :dummy:
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I wanna build a wooden rocket bonfire now. 
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Cargo cult at it's finest.
VERY nice, thank you

is that model of Semiyorka on the ramp yours?
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Semyorka - means "number 7" in Russian and is the nickname for the R-7 - the launcher  that was used (in different versions) for Sputnik, Vostok, Voshod and finally Soyuz…

did you make the 3d model by yourself - its pretty good!
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Yes, got it. 
I made it in 2d, just Photoshop
thank you for your work ..
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I really love the atmosphere , everything mixes in so well :>
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Pwety colors Meow :3 
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