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Groovy Kuulostaa

Concept art to Twisted Dagger TV series.
Lewisville, 1969.
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I hate it when that happens
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That looks like scp 2086
A species of insect which resemble buses. They cost a corpse in a shellac like substance to pose as the "driver" and then lure people inside where there carried of to a best. Drained of blood for food. And coated in the shellac like substance for further use as "drivers"
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I was thinking the same!
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It's even got a dead looking driving
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Now all it needs are baddies that look like cabs
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isn't that deadpool draving it??
those fucking eyes man
those fucking eyes
wont let me sleep
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Обычно пассажир бежит за автобусом, но не сегодня...
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I hate when that happens
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Emerald-Wolf13's avatar's like a Lovecraftian version of the Cat Bus from Totoro...
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Ахах) Это гениально) и откуда вы только берете вдохновение..
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Хмм.. Хороший вопрос :)…
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Ну да) помню..
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Creepy Bus Lines: "You'll never forget that ride. If You'll survive, of course."
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loving the detail of the busspider having so many eyes :)
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